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Deep House Amsterdam Mixes

Expect No Borders

Deanna Avra * Expect No Borders * September 2014

01.MOSHIC – Should Run In Unity
02.Audiotox & Watson – Electric Shrimp (Electric Shrimp Original Mix)
03.Echo Brothers – Key (Jamie Stevens Golden Return Remix)[Stripped Recordings]
04.Aki Latvamaki – It Is Not Now Either (Max Cooper Sub Dub)
05.Daniel Mehes – I Hear You Better (Original Mix)
06.Florian Meindl – Equal in Love (FLASH Recordings)
07.Miss Kittin, Dubfire – Exit (Original Mix)
08.Van Bonn – Access (Dubspeeka Remix)
09.Phil Kieran – Never Ending Mountain (James Zabiela Re-Arrange)

Ten walls

Ten walls – BBC-Radio-1 – Essential-mix – 13-09-2014

01.Lorne Balfe – Assassins Creed Theme (Intro Edit) [White Label]
02.Mass Effect – New and Uncharted Worlds [White Label]
03.The Field – No. No… (Background Edit) [White Label]
04.Atom™ – Ich Bin Meine Maschine (Album Version) [Raster-Noton]
05.Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Dekmantel]
06.Justin Maxwell – The Friction Of The Day [Trapez]
07.Helium Robots – Jarza (Theo Parrish Translation 2) [Running Back]
08.MANFREDAS – Pink Industry [Les Disques De La Mort]
09.[unknown] – Untitled [White Label]
10.Cubenx – First Wave Front [InFine]
11.Vimes – Celestial (Gardens Of God Remix) [White Label]
12.fLako – Eclosure [Five Easy Pieces]
13.&ME – After Dark [Keinemusik]
14.Rampa – AY [Keinemusik]
15.Few Nolder – Chall [BOSO]
16.Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix) [Monkeytown Records]
17.Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants [BOSO]
18.Audion – Sky (Scuba Remix) [Spectral Sound]
19.Few Nolder – IF (ALT Version) [Connaisseur Germany]
20.C.A.R. – Angelina (Manfredas Remix) [White Label]
21.Of Norway – Spirit Lights (feat. Linnea Dale) [Connaisseur Recordings]
22.Robinn – The Game Is Now Over (feat. Nathaniel Pearn) [Compost]
23.Matthias Tanzmann – Reframed (RAR Remix) [Moon Harbour Records]
24.Minilogue – The Island Of If [Cocoon Recordings]
25.Plastikman – Consumed [NovaMute]
26.Mass Effect – Vigil (Assassins Creed Outro) [White Label]

Progressive House Worldwide

Progressive House Worldwide – PHW Promo Session 046 – April 2014

01.JimiJ – Aerodyne (Original Mix) [Colorize]
02.Hypnotic Duo – Crystal (Matteo Monero Remix) [PHW Elements]
03.Gavin Rochford – Patience (Original Mix) [Mirabilis]
04.Andrees & Yakoff – Suspense (Adven’ts Rising Remix) [Suffused Music]
05.2Robots – Robox (Matias Chilano Remix) [Rezongar Music]
06.Hugo Ibarra & Uvo – Fragments (Original Mix) [Movement]
07.Da Luka – From Berati With Love (Haroun Omar Remix) [Mistique Music]
08.Phonic Scoupe – Sand (Dousk Remix) [Stripped Recordings]
09.Namatjira – Torquay (Original Mix) [Classound Recordings]
10.Shane Robinson – Don’t Believe in Reality (Napalm & d-phrag Remix) [Sleepless Night Recordings]
11.Plagz – Tetra (Alex Vidal Remix) [OLD SQL Recordings]
12.Li-Polymer – Supernatural (Oscar Vazquez Remix) [Liquid Grooves]
13.Scotty.A – Sense Of An Ending (Matias Chilano Remix) [Balkan Connection]
14.Jelly For The Babies – Just Another Day (Original Mix) [Lowbit]
15.James Gill – Sphinx (Matias Chilano Remix) [System Recordings]
16.Gavin Rochford – Patience (Oirignal Mix) [Mirabilis]
17.Jonatan Ramonda – Migrania (Original Mix) [BC2 Records]
18.Hairdryer – Jupiter (Original Mix) [OLD SQL Recordings]
19.Rishi K. – De Ja Vu (Original Mix) [DP-6 Records]
20.Plicherss – Feel This (Original Mix) [Electronic Tree]
21.Oluca – Modernism (Jelly For The Babies Remix) [Republic Street]
22.Alex Drayling – Hope (Yuiry From Russia Remix) [BOX4JOY]
23.Namatria – Liberty (Original Mix) [PHW]
24.Haxxy – There Is No Distance (Original Mix) [Morphosis]
25.Daniel Vitellaro & Katrina Harris – Discovery (Will McGlone Remix) [Cloudland Music]
26.Barzek & Jethimself – Lovejoy (Talamanca Remix) [Portrait Digital]
27.Blackluster – Divine Ocean (Dave Murphy Remix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
28.Stendahl – Serenity (Original Mix) [Incepto Music]
29.Octavio Cordioli – Brazilian Birds (Mizuh Remix) [Sensoria Records]
30.Nap’Till Nine – NAN (Zuubi Remix) [NRG Dance Records]
31.REZarin – Revelation (Original Mix) [PHW]
32.Odison – Hope (Original Mix) [Big Toys Production]

DJ Koze – XLR8R Podcast 324

DJ Koze - XLR8R Podcast 324

DJ Koze – XLR8R Podcast 324

The calendar only flipped to December a few days ago, but it seems that much of the music world has already begun to set its sights on the end of the year. More specifically, everyone seems to be looking back at the last 11 months and evaluating what pieces of music were amongst the year’s best. XLR8R is no different, and when our list of 2013’s best releases surfaces during the next few weeks, there’s little question that Amygadla, the long-awaited sophomore LP from DJ Koze, will make the cut. It’s been a big year for the veteran German producer, which is why we thought he would be an excellent candidate to put together the final XLR8R podcast of 2013. Over the past decade, DJ Koze has built up a reputation as a sort of lovable oddball, and this exclusive mix will do nothing to contradict that image. Much like his own work, the podcast is loosely rooted in house and techno, but its 70-plus minutes of music also reaffirm that Koze isn’t someone who’s afraid to color outside the lines. Armed with a playful spirit and a genuine sense of humor, Koze seems as comfortable dropping esoteric spoken word and bizarre outtakes from Marvin Gaye as he does stringing together warm slices of rich, organic house music. Oh yeah, he also manages to slip in a couple of conscious hip-hop tracks along the way. In short, it’s not the average podcast, but it’s not like we expected something “normal” with DJ Koze at the helm.


01 Kronos Quartet “The Beatitudes” (Nonesuch)
02 Die Vögel “Mesmerize” (Pampa)
03 Apparat “Sweet Unrest” (Mute)
04 DJ Koze “Nices Wölkchen (Robag Wruhme Remix)” (Pampa)
05 Mount Kimbie “Made To Stray (DJ Koze Remix)” (Warp)
06 Jon Hopkins “Abandon Window” (Domino)
07 Si Schroeder “C4” (Trust Me I’m a Thief)
08 Marvin Gaye “Marvin’s Message to the CBS Records Staff” (Columbia)
09 Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing Rehearsals” (Columbia)
10 Azeda Booth “Ran” (Absolutely Kosher)
11 Ken Nordine “Looks Like It’s Going to Rain” (Two Bass Hits)
12 Jullian Gomes (feat. Bobby) “Love Song 28 (Charles Webster Remix)”
13 Ricoshëi “Perfect Like You” (Pampa)
14 Gilb’r “Nuage de L’onde” (Versatile)
15 Lawrence “Serpentine” (Cocoon)
16 Four Tet “Parallel Jalebi” (Text)
17 Lali Puna “Move On (Baths Remix)” (Morr)
18 Matana Roberts “Amma Jerusalem School” + “For This Is” (Constellation)
19 Homeboy Sandman “Musician” (Stones Throw)
20 Blu & Exile “So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)” (Sound in Color)
21 Abida Parveen “Menda Dil Ranjhan Rawal Mange”

Sound Avenue 022 with Madloch (January 2014)

Sound Avenue 022 with Madloch (January 2014)

01 HoH – Sublo [Something Different Again]
02 Andrew McDonnell – Patience Of Envy (Navar Unreleased Remix) [Sound Avenue]
03 Michael A – Everything Is Fine [Vurtical Records]
04 Tiga, Audion – Let’s Go Dancin’ (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Turbo Recordings]
05 MUUI – Don’t Forget To Go Home (MUUI’s Sunset Remix) [Outside The Box]
06 Che Armstrong & Chris Johnson – Gegenschein (Hugo Ibara & Uvo Remix) [Lowbit]
07 Marcelo Vasami – Micro Diamond (Stass Drive Remix) [Sound Teller Recordings]
08 Lost Chord – Feelings (Cybernalia Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
09 Jorg Murcus – Eau De Cazeau (Inkfish Remix) [Particles]
10 Nikko Z – Insane [Dopamine]
11 D.X. Xavier – Fur (Steve McGrath Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
12 Constan – Reflections (Zan Prevee Remix) [3rd Avenue]
13 Ferdi – Crossroads [Particles]
14 Mario Puccio – Holograms Life (Andy Arias Remix) [Sound Avenue]
15 Guy Mantzur – We Are What We Are [Sudbeat]
16 Ehohroma – Noise Of An Empty Botlle (Kosmas Epsilon Remix) [Wide Angle Recordings]
17 MiraculuM – Caged Litlle Bird (Beat Syndrome Remix) [3rd Avenue]
18 Cid Inc & Lank – Urban Biorythm (Santiago Garcia Remix) [MicroCastle]
19 Khen – Voices From The Past [Proton]
20 Alex Villanueva & David Salazar – Wannabe [3rd Avenue]


Kolsch – The Essential Mix Future Stars 01 – 04-01-2014


01.Rune RK – Calabria
02.Kölsch – Loreley [Kompakt]
03.Joris Voorn – The Monk
04.Matthew Johnson – Sahara
05.Lulu Rouge – Sign Me Out (Hankat Remix)
06.Nina Kraviz – Sheer
07.Coma – My Orbit
08.Matthew Johnson – Level 7 (Dixon Remix) [Crosstown]
09.Kölsch – Goldfish [Kompakt]
10.Tripmastaz – Revolver Beats
11.Nikola Gala – Fluxx
12.Photek – Mine To Give
13.Âme – Den Ratta
14.Taras Van Se Horde – Chasing Winters
15.Kölsch – Work In Progress #1
16.DJ Pierre – Come Together (Supernova Remix Instrumental)
17.Phuture Scope – What Iz Houzemusik
18.Cajmere – Co2 (Noir Remix)
19.Kölsch – Oma [Kompakt]
20.Apparat – Song Of Los (Michael Mayer Remix)
21.Omar S – Triangulum Astrale [FXHE]
22.Gregor Schwellenbach – Oxias Domino
23.Technasia – I Am Somebody
24.Moderat – Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [50 Weapons]
25.Kölsch & Troels Abrahamsen – All That Matters (andhim Remix)
26.The Reaver – Mmmm
27.Kölsch – Work In Progress #2
28.Deetron & Ripperton – Thinking
29.Shinedoe – Pure Groove
30.Zoo Brazil – Monde
31.Loose Joints – Love Dancing
32.Robert Hood – Never Grow Old
33.Slove – Flash (Pachanga Boys Remix)
34.Basti Grub – Rubber Mallet
35.Tapiola Sinfoienetta – Fratres For Strings And Precussion
36.Shinedoe – Dilemma (Kölsch Re-Edit)
37.Good Guy Mikesh – Place Of Love (MP Edit)
38.andhim – Hausch (Kölsch Remix)
39.Kölsch – Der Alte [Kompakt]
40.Deepside – French
41.David Bowie – Subterraneans

Progressive Sessions 001 With lanparty - 04-01-2014

Progressive Sessions 001 With lanparty – 04-01-2014
♫♪♫❤♫♪♫ Check out my New Mix ♫♪♫❤♫♪♫


01.Sasha Feat Donatello & Knox & Kastis Torrau And Arnas D – Smoke Cone (Hunter Game Remix)
02.Kosheen – Holding On (Original)
03.Hvob – Jack (Nicone & Sascha Braemer)
04.Underset – Moon Rover (Da Funk’s Solitude Remix)
05.Stelios Vassiloudis Nils Nuernberg Florian Kruse Wiretappeur – Iridescent (Original Mix)
06.Damabiah Larbre – Aux Sept Branches (Luis Junior Remix)
07.Kink – Detunator (Adam Port Feat. Daniel Wilde Remix)
08.Deepfunk,Kassey Voorn – Where Are You (Nhar Remix)
09.Nadja Lind – Limbus (Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile Remix)
10.Cid Inc & Lank – Emotional Self (Original Mix)
11.Quivver – The Fog (Original Mix)

Gai Barone

Gai Barone – My Best Ones 2013


Sasha – Live @ Essential Mix 20th Anniversary Party
(The Warehouse Project) – November 2013


01.Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me (Pachanga Boys Remix) [Pias]
02.Hunter/Game – Distant Storms (Christian Prommer Remix) [My Favorite Robot Records]
03.Bwana – Flute Dreams [White Label]
04.Mathew Jonson – Typerope [Itiswhatitis Recordings]
05.Tiga vs. Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Solomun Remix) [Turbo Canada]
06.Eric Volta – Love Your Illusion [No.19 Music]
07.Henry Saiz – Love Mythology (Uner Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
08.SCNTST – Fall Of Misery [Boys Noize]
09.Rebel – Eyes Then Lips
10.Dominik Eulberg – Kleines Mausohr [Traum]


King Unique

King Unique – FRISKY Artist of the Week – September 2013

01.Tiesto – “This One Is Really Special, It’s King Unique” ‘Another Day at the Office’ Documentary
02.King Unique – Sugarhigh (Seismic Mix) Junior
03.UNKLE – Heaven (King Unique Accapella Remix) Surrender All
04.Planet Funk – The Switch (KU Pushin-apella) Bustin’ Loose Recordings
05.Tracey Thorn – Grand Canyon (King Unique Come Home Vocal) Virgin
06.Underworld – Two Months Off (KU Light-apella) Junior Boys Own
07.Baz – Believers (King Unique River Deep Mix) One Little Indian
08.Watkins – Black a.m. (King Unique Vocal) Direction
09.Funky – Lowlives Sail Into The Sun (King Unique Dub Mix) High Note Records
10.Eddie – Amador The Funk (King Unique’s Unseen Force Dub) Yoshitoshi
11.Mutiny – The Virus (King Unique Snakecharmer Mix) VC Recordings
12.Jamiroquai – You Give Me Something (King Unique Saki Session) Sony
13.King Unique & Anthony Pappa – Vamoosh Bedrock
14.Astrotrax – The Energy (King Unique Dark Dub) Defected
15.King Unique – Lunarhigh Junior/unreleased
16.Peace Division – What Is This Sound? (King Unique Supa Edit) NRK
17.Rinocerose – Le Rock Summer (King Unique Dub) V2
18.King Unique – Music Please (Accapella) Junior
19.Suicide Sports – Club I Don’t Know (King Unique Vocal Mix) B Rock
20.Chable & Bonnici = Ride (King Unique Remix) Alternative Route Recordings
21.John Dahlback feat. Andy P – Late Night Worries (King Unique ‘No Worries’ Remix) Litmus Recordings
22.King Unique – Yohkoh (Rodrigo Matteo Mix) Curfew/unreleased
23.Underworld – Two Months Off (King Unique Starlight Dub) JBO/unreleased
24.Fergie – Anon (King Unique’s Onanonanon Remix) Excentric Muzik

Gare Mat K

Gare Mat K – Progrezo Sounds – September 2013


01.ID – Villanova RX stems remix
02.Gui Boratto – We Can Go
03.Hobo -Incise Original Mix (Gare Mat K Edit) – Minus
04.Erick Hernandez – Gelato Original Mix – Gare Mat K Edit – Revolucion
05.ID – On The red
06.Yazeed – Kart-Hadasht Gare Mat K edit – Undertechnical recordings
07.Reset Robot – False Widow (Original Mix)
08.Sian – Shame Cube (Gare Mat K edit)
09.Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire – Aire (Gare Mat K edit) – Ideal Audio
10.Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix vs Gare Mat K Edit) – Dekmantel
11.Pig & Dan – On A Train (Big Room Vocal vs Gare Mat K Edit) – Boxer
12.Julian Jeweil – Green Room – Minus
13.Pig & Dan – On A Train (update Mix) – Boxer
14.Ari Cazal – Phenom (Taaaz Remix) – Frequenza
15.Julien Jeweil – Boom (Gare Mat K Edit) – Minus
16.Sergio Linares – Polonio – Supermarket Unlimited
17.Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic – 313 (Gare Mat K Edit) – Bitten
18.Evan Espinoza – Sleepwalker (Gare Mat K edit) – Click Muziq
19.Evan Espinoza – Frequenzverlust (Gare Mat K Edit) – Click Muziq
20.Gary Beck – Video Siren
21.Dustywork – DOGMA 02 Original Mix – NuLabel
22.Ralph Kings – La Ultima Palabra MAST (Gare Mat K Edit) – Progrezo
23.Christian Smith & Wehbba – Second Life (Original Mix) – Tronic

Fernando Ferreyra

Fernando Ferreyra – Dreamers – September 2013


01.Applescal & Ryan Davis – Creatures (Original Mix) [Atomnation]
02.Snorkle – Duna Part (Orelse Deep Love Mix) [Reelaux Digital]
03.Walkboy – Rainfall (Mondkrater Whisper Remix) [Ideological Records]
04.Lost Chord – Twisted In You (Original Mix) [Electronic Tree]
05.Loquai & Steve McGrath – Autumnal (Original Mix) [Stellar Fountain]
06.Beat Syndrome – In Your Shadow (Original Mix) [Movement Recordings]
07.Luis Bondio & Santiago Teillagorry – Aquatic Process (Original Mix) [Classound Recordings]
08.Luis Bondio & Santiago Teillagorry – Aquatic Process (Silinder Remix) [Classound Recordings]
09.Kissoff – Keeper (Original Mix) [Stellar Fountain Deep]
10.Beat Syndrome – In Your Shadow (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Movement Recordings]
11.Lost Chord – Twisted In You (Kay aka Khalil Touihri Remix) [Electronic Tree]
12.Haroun Omar – Sunset Kabul (Matias Chilano Remix) [Soundteller Records]
13.Nina Simone – Black Is The Color (Mehmet Akar Remix) [CDR]
14.Digital Department – Undercover Thoughts (Anthony G Remix) [Mistique Music]
15.Jelly For The Babies – Salva Me Da Luz feat. Vanessa Kanaan (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
16.Tanseer – Both Sides (Color Ray Remix) [Juicebox Music]
17.Anthony & Georgio – Equilibrium (Madloch & Beat Syndrome Remix) [Sound Avenue]
18.Filter B – Behind The Clouds (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection South America]
19.Maxi Iborquiza – Delta dream (Original Mix) [CDR]


Bomber – Balkanians – 24-08-2013

01.Tube & Berger – Imprint Of Pleasure (Original Mix)
02.Wankelmut & Emma Louise – My Head Is A Jungle (Original Mix)
03.Nicone, Sascha Braemer, Narra – Rej Senhor (Original Mix)
04.Rachel Row – Follow The Step (Justin Martin Remix)
05.Nora En Pure – Come With Me (Original Mix)
06.Teenage Mutants & Andre Crom – Hanging On (Original Mix)
07.Tapesh, Dayne S – Got To Live (Original Mix)
08.Bob Sinclar – I Feel For You (Ben Delay Club Mix)
09.Edm – The Jungle (Original Mix)
10.Kings Of Tomorrow – Let Me Tell You Something (Sandy Rivera’s Mix)
11.Touch & Go – Gotta Have U (Original Mix)
12.Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Larse Remix)
13.Claptone – Wrong (Original Mix)
14.Marlon Hoffstadt, Dansson – Shake That (Original Mix)
15.Ferreck Dawn, Redondo – Tattoo Girl (Original Mix)
16.Mark Knight – Your Love (Original Club Mix)
17.Metodi Hristov – Nobody (Original Mix)
18.Weiss (uk) – Baby Talk To Me (Original Mix)
19.Copyright – Sometimes (Original Mix)
20.Dj Pp, Silversix – House That (Original Mix)
21.Tommyboy – Can You Feel It (Metodi Hristov Remix)
22.Joey Negro, Doug Willis – Spread Love (Alex Kenji Future Disco Mix)


Fernando Ferreyra – Dreamers – 13-08-2013

01.Max Cooper – Pleasures (Mariano Favre ‘from the heart’ EDIT remix) [CDR]
02.Maenling – Please Stay Closer (Original Mix) [CDR]
03.Mike Tohr – Pearls from heaven (Original Mix) [L3D Music Recordings]
04.Way Out West – Don`t forget me (Daneel Bootleg Remix) [CDR]
05.Mariano Favre – ID [CDR]
06.Omar El Gamal – Keep Calm (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]
07.Mehmet Akar – Let’s Talk Serious (E-Spectro Remix) [Mirabilis Records]
08.WayWork – In Tears (LoQuai Remix) [Mistique Music]
09.Juan Deminicis – Behind the Sun (Matias Chilano Remix) [Balkan Connection Edition]
10.MiraculuM – Moonling (Andy Weed’s One Small Step Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
11.LDR – Young Beautiful (Serge Devant Remix) [CDR]
12.Noa Romana & Deersky – See You Soon (Matias Chilano Remix) [Soundteller Records]
13.ZooL – Flow (Original Mix) [D&B Records]
14.Matias Chilano – Autopilot (Original Mix) [Per-vurt Records]
15.Net Son – Prominent (East Cafe Remix) [Per-vurt Records]
16.Diego Poblets – Dynamo (Original Mix) [CDR]
17.Echomen – Cure (Fernando Ferreyra Remix)

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