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John Digweed presents – Transitions Episode 494 (Guest Nick Curly) – 17-02-2014

John Digweed:

01. Madben & Yann – Neighbours [Bedrock]
02. Madben & Yann – Breathe [Bedrock]
03. Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov – Taurus [Break New Soil]
04. Gary Beck – Painting Card [Darkroom Dubs – DRD 10]
05. Hot Since 82 – Planes & Trains (Dosem Remix) [Suara – 119]
06. Amber – The Story [Mobilee]
07. Amber – Waves Of Grain (Hobo’s Hidden Resort Remix) [Mobilee]
08. Phil Kieran – Six Trac [Phil Kieran – PKRD 021]
09. Derek Howell – Objektivity [Bedrock]

Nick Curly:

01. Glowing Glisses – Gayo (Guido Schneider’s Mystery Mix) [Poker Flat]
02. ID – ID
03. Marko Nastic & Rik Woldring – Our Love (Prunk Remix) [Soweso – SWS 013]
04. Jako & Rumba – Drift [Fontek]
05. Nick Curly – Multiply [8 Bit – 073]
06. Gary Martin – Pimping People In High Places (Gigi Galaxy Mix) [Exceptional – EXLPCD 0601]
07. ID – ID
08. Tania Vulcano / Jose De Divina & Evanz D – Criminal Groove (Alternative Groove) [Stomp – STMP 016]
09. Nick Curly – Rebound [Recovery Tech]
10. Andre Butano / Demian Muller & Miguel Lobo – Triangles [8 Bit – 075]
11. ID – ID

Daniel Miller

Chris Liebing Presents – Clr 245 (Guest Daniel Miller) – 04-11-2013

It is Monday the 4th of November 2013 and we have Daniel Miller for the first time on the CLR Podcast. It is actually the very first podcast the founder of the legendary independent label Mute Records has ever released, which makes the occasion even more special than it is already for us. Chris Liebing and the CLR team are completely psyched about the fact that this iconic musician, DJ, producer and label-head not only played on our recent ADE party, but also went to the Mute studios afterwards to record the present mix. It is loosely based on the mentioned performance at the Studio 80 in Amsterdam and if you would like to know how much Chris Liebing enjoyed meeting one of his true heroes, you only have to listen to the voiceovers of the present podcast. There is just too much to say about this man who has discovered, signed and produced several highly influential bands since the late 70s, including the undisputed and still relevant Depeche Mode. Daniel Miller completely embraced the Punk ethics of “Do It Yourself” but eventually saw the synthesizer as the ultimate conclusion of the whole Punk idea. Instead of a guitar and the ability to play a couple of chords, you just needed a cheap synthesizer, no skills at all and only your imagination to create something unique and amazing. His enthusiasm for electronic sounds is still unbroken and we are very excited to present you this exclusive DJ mix. For more information on Mute Records and Daniel Miller´s truly faszinating life story, just start with the below mentioned links and take it from there:



Black Asteroid

Chris Liebing Presents – Clr 244 (Guest Black Asteroid) – 28-10-2013

It is Monday the 28th of October 2013 and we have Bryan Black aka Black Asteroid back on the CLR Podcast. The man who has started his career as a sound designer for Prince and who has written electronic music history with his band MOTOR, has lately been busy producing some of the finest and most relentless Techno tracks in the genre. Today he is releasing the brand-new “Grind EP” on CLR, containing two original tracks and the corresponding Dub versions. The mixdowns were done together with Chris Liebing in his state of the art studio in Frankfurt and the CLR label-head has already been playing out the tracks for many weeks by now. For the next two weeks the EP will be exclusively available on beatport before you will be able to get it on vinyl and in all the other online shops. Black Asteroid is known for his outstanding, artistic DJ style and the present set has been recorded at his recent ADE gig on the Electric Deluxe party at Melkweg Robohall in Amsterdam. If you would like to know more about Black Asteroid and his truly inspiring evolution as an artist and producer, please visit the following sites:



01.black asteroid – black body radiation
02.max cooper – walls
03.brian sanhaji – bad robot ace
04.brian sanhaji – daria
05.gary beck – what you want
06.black asteroid – pressure (len faki re-pressure)
07.dorian knox – lost signal (black asteroid remix)
08.motor- the knife (brian sanhaji remix)
09.takaaki itoh – we are the attack
10.david meiser – uncompromising sound
11.drumcell – disturbance (tommy four seven remix)
12.wave form – audit
13.depeche mode – soothe my soul (black asteroid frankfurt dub)
14.black asteroid – grind
15.black asteroid – black acid
16.mr jones – black rainbow (black asteroid remix)
17.chris finke – warehouse syndrome
18.black asteroid – engine 1 (brian sanhaji remix)


John Digweed – Transitions 466 (Guest Yousef ) 02-08-2013

Part 1: John Digweed

01 Nicole Moudaber – Give Me Body (Anja Schneider Remix) [Moody]
02 Daniel Stefanik – Confidence (Adam Port Remix)
03 Claude Vonstroke – The Clapping Track [Dirtybird]
04 Nick Dow – Tangled Up In String
05 Violent Romance & Gav Memnos – Give Me Love (Michael Janons Alternate Mix)
06 Sql – Reveal (Kassey Voorn Remix)
07 Paul Ritch – Run Baby Run
08 Eelke Kleijn – Rampestamper (Guy J Remix)
09 Julian Jeweil – Snake Dance

Part 2: Yousef

01 Jemmy – Waterloo Blues [Bedrock]
02 Miguel Campbell – Beams Of Light (Alexis Raphael Remix) [Hot Creations]
03 Paul C & Paolo Martini – Black Tie [Circus]
04 Horatio & Hector Morlaes – Jazzistan [Cirucs]
05 Paul C & Paolo Martini – Cosmic Wind
06 Horatio & Hectro Morales – Kangaroos [Circus Recorings]
07 S Men – Back (Acid Mondays Sp1200 Rmx)
08 Sanasol – Tambourine (Horatio Edit)
09 Jamie Jones – Road To The Studio (Fly Mix) [Hot Trax]
10 Sante – Whispering (Original Mix)
11 Burnski – Lost In The Zoo (The Martinez Brothers’ Bronx Zoo Mix)
12 Todd Terry – Let Yourself Go (Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix)
13 Yosa & Shu Okuyama – Amanita [Classic Music Co]
14 Paul C & Paulo Martini – 1074 [Terminal M]
15 Jerome Sydenham – This Door [Desolat]
16 Paco Maroto – My Way


Chris Liebing Presents – CLR 231 (Guest Lucy) 29-07-2013

It is Monday the 29th of July 2013 and we have Lucy back on the CLR Podcast. The Berlin based Italian DJ/producer, founder and label-head of the much hailed, pioneering label Stroboscopic Artefacts is one of the truly dedicated and outstanding figures in today´s electronic music scene. This being said it is not surprising that a legendary artist like Speedy J recently chose to record a double LP album with the man, which was just released on Stroboscopic Artefacts under the project name “Zeitgeber”. If you are into profound electronic music by two exceptional producers you should really pay attention to this critically acclaimed long-player. One of the album tracks is actually featured in the present brand-new studio set. If you would to know more about Stroboscopic Artefacts, about Lucy and his upcoming tour dates and releases, including a split EP for Bleep´s “The Green Series” together with Marcel Dettmann (due on August 5th) and another CLR release in the near future, please visit the following sites:


01.Dronelock – Corridors [Weekend World]
02.Analogue Cops – AC-Livex02 [Fragil Musique]
03.Truncate – Forty Four [Mote Evolver]
04.Andrea Belluzzi – Anklast [Par]
05.Couch Lock – Allure (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Hidden]
06.Pfirter – New State Of Consciousness [Mindtrip]
07.Charlton – Chaotic Behaviour [Mord]
08.Kangding Ray – Oise [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
09.Vedomir – Music Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Dekmantel]
10.Chevel – Hearing [Non Series]
11.Ricardo Villalobos – Ferenc [Perlon]
12.Zeitgeber (Lucy & Speedy J) – Now Imagine [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
13.Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie – Red Velvet (Audio Injection Remix) [On]
14.Minilogue – When Sadness Releases, Joy Arises (Donato Dozzy Remix) [Enemy]


BlakeBaltimore – Innervisions Guest Mix

01. Solee – Jonalu (Norman Zube Remix) [Parquet Recordings]
02. Madday – Walking On Sunbeams (Original Mix) [Velcro City Records]
03. Michael A. – Weakness (Original Mix) [Unfeigned Records]
04. Nelmar feat. Guitar Hero – Walking Soul (Original Mix) [Callote]
05. D-Mand – Weltesser (Verve Remix) [Blendwerk]
06. John Nukem – Nature’s Oracle (Original Mix) [CDR] {Unsigned Artist}
07. Matt Black & Kieran J – Lightcycle (E-Spectro Remix) [99percentrecordings]
08. Sound Process – Brain Notes (Gvozdini Remix) [Particles]
09. Meller – Tiefseetauchen (Minoru Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
10. Kollektiv SS – Wizadry (Original Mix) [Inlab Recordings]

Audio Injection

Chris Liebing Presents – CLR 228 (Guest Audio Injection) 08-07-2013

It is Monday the 8th of July 2013 and we have Audio Injection back on the CLR Podcast. David Flores, the man behind this moniker is actually one of the most prolific characters in the North American Techno scene. Apart from Audio Injection he also creates cutting edge electronic music under the name Truncate, focussing on the deeper, more raw side of Techno. Being associated with the L.A. based event production group Droid Behavior since 2003, you can find him as a resident at the infamous Interface warehouse events as well as a regular producer for Droid Recordings. Over the years his music has gained worldwide attention and has made it onto the playlists of many big players, which eventually led him to gigs at some of the worlds biggest clubs including Berghain in Berlin and Fabric in London. He is also now regularly touring all over the world in Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Central & South America, all throughout Europe and the U.S.A. Chris Liebing is one of the most faithful supporters of his music and has mentioned on various occasions that the amount of Audio Injection and Truncate tracks in his sets often sums up to almost a quarter of his entire gig. We are very happy to present you a brand-new two hour studio mix by this highly influential Californian Techno ambassador, which gives you a good idea of the much hailed Audio Injection and Truncate sound. For more information on Audio Injection and David Flores´ other projects, please visit the following sites:


Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond – Group Therapy 034 (Guest Henry Saiz) 28-06-2013

01. Andrew Bayer “England” (Anjunabeats)
02. Keyworth “Raze” (Breakfast Exclusive)
03. Lana Del Rey “Young & Beautiful” [Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix] (CDR)
04. Andy Duguid feat. Audrey Gallagher “In This Moment” (Black Hole)
05. TILT, Kastis Torrau & Arnas D “Kiss Magnetic” [Main Mix] (Pro B Tech)
06. Solis & Sean Truby feat Sue McLaren “Close To Earth” [Luigi Lusini remix] (CDR)
07. Edu “For the Soul” (Macarize)
08. Andy Moor “I Be” (AVA)
09. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight “The Air” (Amsterdam Trance)
10. Julie Thompson & Super8 & Tab “Your Secret’s Safe” [Jaytech Remix] (Magik Muzik)
11. The Blizzard “Piercing The Fog” [Matt Fax Remix] (Armada)
12. Pierre O “Wipeout” (Freegrant)
13. Illuminor “Sonar” [Eximinds Remix] (Amon Vision)
14. Myon & Shane 54 with Natalie Peris “Outshine” [Nigel Good Remix] (Ride)
15. Steve Kaetzel “Floe” [Alex O’Rion Remix] (Song Bird)
16. Shingo Nakamura & Jacob Henry “Words Unspoken” (Silk Royal)
17. Fon.Leman “One Day” [Cosmonaut Remix] (Intricate)
18. Walsh & Coutre vs. Darin Epsilon “Detour on 44″ [Dousk Remix] (Fruit Machine)

Henry Saiz Guest Mix
01. Olive “You’re Not Alone” [Henry Saiz´s Sydney Jetlag Remix] (CDR)
02. Pete Oak “Baby Baby” (Sleazy Deep)
03. Jess Mills “Pixelated People” [Hal Incandenza Remix] (CDR)
04. Stuffa “Levitate” (Trunkfunk)
05. Daft Punk “Horizon” [Henry Saiz´s Just Wanted You To Stay Remix] (CDR)
06. Henry Saiz vs T.A.T.U. “All The Evil Things You Said” (CDR)

Mr Jones

Dr Hoffmann Presents – Blind Spot 213 (Guest Mr Jones) 02-07-2013

01. Imugem Orihasam – Closer View
02. House of Black Lanterns – Rolling Thunder
03. Markus Suckut – Mirage (Original Mix)
04. Cheap and Deep – Beautiful
05. Rødhåd – Spomeniks (Original Mix)
06. Gary Beck – Video Siren (Original Mix)
07. Charlton – Behaviour MORD002
08. Mark Broom – Afterlife (Phase Remix)
09. Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie – Red Velvet (Audio Injection rmx)
10. Mr. Jones – Apogeum (Audio Injection Remix)
11. Diarmaid O Meara & Michael Lasch – Fabrik
12. Space DJz – Earthquake Device (Bas Mooy Remix)
13. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – De Formule (Mr. Jones Pit Stop Mix)
14. Radial – Asiel MORD001
15. Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri – Clash (Psycatron Remix)
16. Pfirter – Ahora (Original Mix)
17. Clouds – Radical Cutting Methods
18. Mr. Jones – Crater
19. Tim Wolff – Arpeggi Yo (New School Edit) / Bulletdodge Records
20. joeFarr – Clock (Original Mix)
21. Unsubscribe – Side Spek Hondje Feat. Bearwho?


Chris Liebing Presents – CLR 227 (Guest Raíz) 01-07-2013

It is Monday the 1st of July 2013 and we have Raíz back on the CLR Podcast. The duo consists of Los Angeles born and based Vangelis and Vidal Vargas who have performed their cutting edge blend of mind-bending Techno worldwide from North America to Europe to Japan. Through their connection with Drumcell they developed the label, production group and music collective Droid Behavior, which is currently responsible for the most credible and exciting Techno events in the area. Raíz have released affective music on labels including Electric Deluxe, Historia Y Violencia and their home base Droid Recordings. Their latest release is a remix of DJ Hyperactive, which is out now on Droid 17. Another remix for Drumcell´s upcoming debut album will be out soon on CLR. The present set has been recorded at their last Interface event in Detroit and includes a few unreleased Raíz tracks and many current and classic favorites. They will be touring Europe in October, including a gig at Berlin´s Berghain on October 5th as well as appearances at ADE in Amsterdam. If you are in Denver or anywhere close on September 14th, you should make sure to attend the next edition of their infamous Interface events. If you would like to know more about Raíz, Droid Behavior or Droid Recordings, please visit the following sites:


Dense & Pika

Chris Liebing Presents – CLR 224 (Guest Dense & Pika) 10-06-2013

It is Monday the 10th of June 2013 and we have dense & pika for the first time on the CLR Podcast. Emerging mid-2011 with a series of hand-stamped white-label releases, they have since become a must-check facet of true, modern underground Techno. Covetted by the likes of Surgeon, Blawan, DJ Koze, Levon Vincent, Chris Liebing, Jackmaster, Sven Vath, Adam Beyer & Scuba with the latter signing the duo up for a series of 12″s for his Hot Flush imprint, Dense & Pika’s output has received such support that 2013 has seen them touring extensively with their live show around the world. Their next EP is out in June on Hotflush. The present set has been recorded live at Free Your Mind Festival in Holland to the 4000 strong crowd you can see on the podcast graphics, as the sun finally broke through the clouds. To find out more about this inspiring duo, their upcoming tour dates and releases, please visit the following sites:



Kyle Geiger

Chris Liebing Presents – CLR 223 (Guest Kyle Geiger03-06-2013

It is Monday the 3rd of June 2013 and we have a returning guest back on the CLR Podcast. Kyle Geiger from Indiana
 is no stranger to the international Techno arena. With releases on heavy hitter labels such as Drumcode, Soma, Perc Trax and Droid he has continuously been pushing the boundaries of his sound. On his own label Cubera he has been realizing new musical concepts free of any outside limitations, with the end objective being to create a more moody and memorable collection of productions. Originally inspired by the harder, percussive stylings the Techno sound featured on seminal labels from the late 90’s, Kyle has witnessed the evolution of the genre as it morphed into a more accessible, groove based sound. Still loving the energy and power of the more straight forward side of Techno while embracing the genre’s changes, Kyle has refined his productions and DJ sets into what very well may be a new breed of soundscapes that pushes things forward for the next generation of Techno to come. Next to a series of upcoming releases with production partner Hans Bouffmyhre and the Insulate EP on Cubera, he has a couple of projects coming out on Cocoon Recordings, including one on their yearly box set compilation. He is furthermore completing his first artist album for Soma Recordings within the next month. Many of his brand-new and unreleased productions are featured in the present podcast set. If you would like to know more about this prolific producer and exceptional DJ, his upcoming tour dates and releases, please visit the following sites:



01.Flug – Analogical – Enemy Records
02.Savas Pascalidis – Interlock (Jonas Kopp Mix – Sweatshop
03.Yan Cook – 000444 – Cubera Records
04.Roman Lindau – Hunt – Fachwerk
05.Kyle Geiger – Believe – Unreleased
06.Hugo Moya – Move – Relief Records
07.Flug – 1k (Truncate Ghetto Jack Remix – Sleaze
08.Roman Flügel – More & More & More (Edit – Clone Jack For Daze
09.On/Off – The Mile – Onofficial
10.WK7 – The Avalanche – Powerhouse
11.Mark Broom vs. Kris Wadsworth – Motorsmoke (Edit- Alphahouse
12.Leon Vynehall – Brother (Edit – Aus Music
13.Gary Beck – Video Siren – BEK Audio
14.Kyle Geiger – Homecoming – Unreleased
15.Markus Suckut – Hunt – Figure SPC M
16.Harvey McKay – Kickback (Edit- Suara
17.Alex Falk – PTR – Proper Trax
18.JPLS – Activatroy – M-Nus
19.Shxcxchcxsh – OOOVVVDDDDD – Avian
20.Flug – 13d (Pfirter remix- Driving Forces
21.Nubian Mindz – Capricorn One (Digital Exclusive- Counter
22.Marcel Dettmann – Let’s Do It – MDR
23.Kyle Geiger – Slingshot Orbit – Unreleased
24.Kyle Geiger – Turning Point – Unreleased
25.Joel Mull – Track of the Night – Last Night On Earth
26.Harvey McKay – The End – Soma
27.Jimmy Edgar – Strike – Ultramajic
28.The Third Man – Double Dawn (John Heckle remix- EPM Music


Chris Liebing Presents – CLR 222 (Guest Rebekah) 27-05-2013

It is Monday the 27th of May 2013 and we have Rebekah back on the CLR Podcast. Since she joined the CLR artist roster last year, the Berlin based Producer/DJ has become a much appreciated part of the crew and has been playing numerous successful club gigs, festivals and label events world-wide. Apart from the release of this podcast, today also marks the day of her first CLR release of original tracks entitled “Cycles EP”. Over the last years her characteristic blend of straight forward, banging Techno has made a lasting impression on some of the biggest players in the scene. Her productions have been played at countless venues all over the planet and the present EP is another perfect example for her highly creative and effective approach in the studio. If you are a friend of modern quality Techno you should definitely pay attention to this excellent four track EP, which is available as digital downloads and on vinyl. Anyone who has seen her play out live knows first hand that there are no gimmicks or clichés about Rebekah, just unadulterated raw talent and a passion for the music she plays. If you would like to know more about her upcoming releases and tour dates, please visit the following sites:


01.The Black Dog – Black Chamber Order (Remixed by Blawan) – Dust Science
02.NX1 – 05 15 – NX1
03.Mark Ambrose – Shooting Stars (Aubrey’s Dark Mix) – Theory
04.Alex Falk – Clinch (Urbano remix) – Favor
05.Oscar Mulero – Rotula (Truncate remix) – Modularz
06.Gary Beck – Rascal – Bek Audio
07.NX1 – 05 14 – NX1
08.Mike Denhert – Drehimpuls Live Act Cut In Paris – Fachwerk
09.Rebekah – Asymmetric – CLR
10.Planetary Assault Systems – Atomic – Peacefrog
11.Inigo Kennedy – The Map – Token
12.Sunil Sharpe – Sacred Ground – Inner05
13.Oscar Mulero – Transversal (Sleeparchive remix) – Modularz
14.Hans Bouffmhyhre – Easy Meat (Bas Mooy remix) – Sleaze
15.Delta Funktionen – Onkalo (Karenn remix) – Delsin
16.Rebekah – Self Destruct – CLR
17.Matt Whitehead – A is for Acid (Perc Redux) – Perc Trax
18.Clouds – Chained to a Dead Camel – Overlee Assembly
19.Pfirter – Ahora – MindTrip
20.Forward Strategy Group – We’re Looking For Manpower – Perc Trax

Blind Spot

Dr Hoffmann – Blind Spot 207 (Guest Roberto Capuano) 20-05-2013


01. Tessela – Hackney Parrot [Poly Kicks]
02. Roberto Capuano – Groovin [AnalyticTrail]
03. Jonas Kopp – Resdel (Perthil & Aerts remix) [Authentic Pew]
04. Mike Dehnert -Eigenzeit [Fachwerk Digital]
05. Fractious – Rift Theory (Luigi Madonna remix) [Trapez]
06. Taster Peter,Van Boon – Erode (Roberto Capuano Remix) [Trapez]
07. Alan Fitzpatrick – In the beginning [Drumcode]
08. Nicole Moudaber – Movin On [Drumcode]
09. Lex Gorrie – Bad Apple [Analytictrail]
10. Heiko Laux,Diego Hostettler – Chicken Understood (Truncate remix) [Kanzleramt]
11. Laurent Garnier – Jacques in the box (Chicago Bordello remix) [Ed Banger records]
12. Ray Kajioka – Gravity [Kanzleramt]
13. Roberto Capuano – Sweet Willy [AnalyticTrail]
14. Oscar Mulero – 46 (Antaganists Mix) [Warm Up Recordings]
15. Space Djz – Grey Matter (Mark Broom remix) [Recode Musik]
16. Mikael Jonasson – Schlagwerk (Markantonio remix) [DFR records]
17. Ben Sims – I Feel It Deep (Featuring Tyree Cooper) (Sandwell District Remix) [Drumcode]
18. Phase – Binary Opposition (Process 1) [Token]

Sam Paganini

Chris Liebing Presents – CLR 221 (Guest Sam Paganini) 20-05-2013

Sam Paganini is not only an internationally acclaimed DJ but can also look back on two decades of music production and several very successful releases. The first record which clearly defined his style, entitled Paganini Traxx “Zoe” became number 1 in the English club charts and was highly rated and appreciated by the specialized press. It was supported by Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold and later remixed by Timo Maas. From 2000 onwards Sam’s discography contains releases on Southern Fried, Octopus, Terminal M, Phobiq, Material, 1605 Music Therapy, Driving Forces Rec, Android Muziq, Amazing Records, 303 Lovers, Toolroom, just to name a few. Many of his recent productions have been played by some of the most popular Techno jocks such as Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Marco Carola and countless others. 2011 marked another milestone in his career, when Richie Hawtin signed Sam´s “Cobra EP” for his legendary label Plus 8 Records. Following releases on Drumcode have made it into the top ten again, and right now he is actually occupying rank number 1 in the beatport Techno charts with his “Body To Body EP”, which is out on Cocoon Recordings. One of the tracks from this EP entitled “Polyester” is actually included in this exclusive podcast mix. If you would like to know more about this inspiring and prolific artist, his upcoming productions and tour dates, please visit the following sites:


01. PETE NAMLOOK and KLAUS SCHULZE – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Mother (Part IV) (FAX Rec)
02. PETTER B – Atonal Dub (Drumcode Limited)
03. THE JUNKIES – That’s What It Is (Sci+Tec)
04. JULIUS CHAP – Black Cloud (Naughty Pills Records)
05. ERIC SNEO – Exile (Onh.Cet Records)
06. WEX 10 and TAKATSUGU WADA – Relationship (Plastiq Records)
07. JEWEL KID – House Of Lies (Petter B rmx) (Alleanza)
08. SAM PAGANINI – Polyester (Cocoon Recordings)
09. CARI LEKEBUSCH and JESPER DAHLBACK – Snejk (H-Productions)
10. VAN BONN – Gradient (Van Bonn Records)
11. JASON FERNANDES – Recurring Throught (Skyline Type Grooves)
12. BODYSCRUB – Ethereal (Sam Paganini rmx) (Phobiq)
13. PETTER B – Tone Reproduction (Drumcode Limited)
14. MARK ROGAN – Gamma Ray (Naked Lunch)
15. FOREST PEOPLE – Leviathan (Driving Forces Recordings)
16. EMMANUEL TOP – Spherique (Mute)

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