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Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk - Where You Are EP (Nhar & Oliver Lieb Remixes) (microCastle)


Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are EP (Nhar & Oliver Lieb Remixes)


Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are (Dub Mix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are (Original Mix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are (Nhar Remix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Long Time Coming (Original Mix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Long Time Coming (Oliver Lieb Remix)

OLDSQL104 - Carlos Fox - Ant Dancer EP


OLDSQL104 – Carlos Fox – Ant Dancer EP

01. Carlos Fox – Ant Dancer (Original Mix)
02. Carlos Fox – Que Divague (Original Mix)
03. Carlos Fox – The Night Divas (Original Mix)

Release date: 25.03.2013
Catalog number: OLDSQL104
Styles: Progressive House



RELEASE DATE:2013-02-14
LABEL:SCI+TEC Digital Audio

It has been rapid rise for Italian brothers Fabrizio & Matteo Floris. Producing as Mr. Bizz the duo’s early releases for Frisbee Tracks and Muticolor Recording found good support, however it was their 2009 production ‘Eternity’ that really put them on map. Signed to Cocoon, it featured on the Ten Years Of Cocoon compilation mixed by Dubfire and Loco Dice and was a highlight of that summer season. Into 2010 and Mr. Bizz were in full flow, signing releases to Tuning Spork and Resopal Schallware and turning their remix talents on Hakan Lidbo. Since then its been a flurry of releases. Ep’s for Octopus Recordings, Deeperfect and Material Series and remixes for the likes of Mauro Picotto, Hermanez, Pig&Dan, Stefano Noferini and Yello. The heavy beat patterns and sinister vocals have defined Mr. Bizz’s original style and are to the fore here again on their SCI+TEC debut, ‘Reversion EP’.

01 – Mr. Bizz – Reversion (Original Mix)
02 – Mr. Bizz – Suspence (Original Mix)
03 – Mr. Bizz – Memory Lost (Original Mix)
04 – Mr. Bizz – Reversion (Beat Dj Tool)
05 – Mr. Bizz – Suspence (Beat Dj Tool)
06 – Mr. Bizz – Memory Lost (Synth Dj Tool)

Agrande – Go Up North EP

Agrande - Go Up North EP

Agrande – Go Up North EP

RELEASE DATE:2013-01-12
LABEL:OLD SQL Recordings

01 Agrande – Soria Moria Castle (Original Mix)
02 Agrande – Pridrangar (Original Mix)
03 Agrande – The Frozen Sea (Original Mix)

Justin Berkovi - Mondrian Remixes

RELEASE DATE – 2013-02-11
LABEL – Trapez


01 – Justin Berkovi – Mondrian (Mark Reeve Remix)
02 – Justin Berkovi – City Lights (Harvey Mckay Remix)
03 – Justin Berkovi – Voices (Paride Saraceni Remix)
04 – Justin Berkovi – Mondrian (Mononoid Remix)
05 – Justin Berkovi – Voices (Roland M. Dill Pulmonic Remix)

Following the long player “Mondrian” in 2012 by Justin Berkovi on Trapez, which was supported by Richie Hawtin in the mix and several others DJs, we present now the remixes by some of our best artists on Trapez plus guest remixes. Starting with Mark Reeve, who has a great career ahead of him after recording with Traum and then with Trapez he released with Drumcode and Soma.His remix of “Mondrian” resembles what Mark is so good at taking true and classic elements of post Detroit Techno and fusing them with today’s modern sound design and taking it all to the level of a monstrous techno-tool anthem! Marks tracks never let you down… his grandeur of production quality and sound quality shows you why he is in so many DJ cases right now. Harvey McKay uses these irresistible “post Detroit” loops we love so much because they have levelled the ground for techno to enter the world of dance music. His raw industrial appeal is highlighted also in this remix of “City Lights” and feels like a meal that heats up your full body. Another piece of techno soul from the Scotsman. Paride Saraceni has the bassline roaring big time and despite all this massiveness his production stays gentle and warm sounding which makes it a real crowd-pleaser of a track! The central chord theme in his remix is a true spirit catcher you’ll happily surrender to .Mononoid from Traum liked the album so much that they have remixed “Mondrian” in their fashion, so this remix is definitely the most epic and melodic on this remix ep and for all fans of theirs another fine track you should be looking out for. A lot of people ask us, “whatever happened to Roland M. Dill”, so here comes the answer told in the language he knows best which is music. Roland here works a lot with repetitive pattern delays, a super tight percussion programming and a darkish landscape of sounds. His remix explores sounds quite a bit and when its over….you feel similar to an heavy impressive movie you have seen in the cinema when the lights go on.


Inkfish – For Life EP

Inkfish - For Life EP


Released by:PHW
Release/catalogue number:PHW023
Release date:15/2/2013

It’s time to reveal another top notch release here on PHW and today we are so pleased to give you the chance to dig in to one from the legendary Swedish alias of Inkfish. These guys have been around for a long spell and we so hope they will be with us in the future also. Here they are with a progressive monster called “For Life”. The original is nothing less than a dope production, expect some nasty deep kicks, pounding bass chords and swirling pads, on top of that some majestic synth loops that all together is just phenomenal. As always when getting the big guns in, a lot of guys want to work with their material and we are thrilled to unleash the full package here, including 6 remixes from some of the hottest names out there. First up is a brilliant take form French youngster, 16 year old Matt Fax that turns pretty much everything into gold and here he has done it again. Being on pretty much all of the major labels at his young age, there is nothing more to say than that we hope he takes care of his huge talent and gift. Here he is bringing the drive in the track up a bit. He’s added on some superb melodic work to the original idea from the Swedish masterminds and working the bass sounds so well, a magic ride is about to come my friends. Next up is a beautiful take from newbie on the label, Argentinian ace Demian Moreno. We are truly happy to see this fantastic producer in on the label with this massive rework of the original. For those of you loving the deeper side of progressive, well here you will have a BIG one coming up. Some really cool added on vocal chops will make this one interesting. of course there is a nice drive in the track, including some smooth bass sounds, dramatic synth riffs and smooth pounding kicks. It’s a genius take we feel. We are also very very happy to have the chance to have one of the best acts 2012 back on the label, the Latvian duo behind the alias of Blood Groove & Kikis. As always they have built something very special here, bringing a piano driven interpretation to the world. With their razor sharp sound design, and crisp textures, we couldn’t be happier than we are to show the skills from these guys once more. This is another fantastic remix contributed to the release. We are also pleased to add a new name to the roaster, this time the über talented US producer Yan Lhert. Being on great labels such as Nueva Digital and Lowbit in the past, we are all aware of the great reputation and talent that it is all about when it comes to Yan Lhert. Here he is with a deep and twisted interpretation of this Inkfish production. Expect deep bass chords, cool percussion and driving elemnts throughout the track. Next up is the legendary German producer, known from all the major labels going for the deeper side of progressive. Yes, we are talking about a welcome return to the label from Konstantin Alt aka Loquai. As always he put a special touch on his productions, here with a superb underground laden track, with a smooth and well driven machinery that will put your ears to the test. Last out, a good friend to the label, and on PHW for the first time. We are talking about the Russian producer Arctic Night, also the head honcho of the progressive labels Elliptical Sun. He has made a great effort for us here, bringing a deep touch to the original idea, still with a very underground melodic take on the track, it’s really special. We are more than pleased with what he has put in for us here and we want him to come back in a near future. All together we feel we have another massive release coming up here, and we also hope there is something for everyone included.

Igor Zaharov & Sober System - Thin Line Ep


Igor Zaharov & Sober System – Thin Line Ep DSR210

• This Line – Original Mix
• This Line – Franzis-D Remix
• The Sun Does Not Give Glory

Deepsessions Recordings © 2013

Julian Jeweil - Mad Ep [POPOF Remix][Form Music][FORM030]


Julian Jeweil – Mad Ep [POPOF Remix][Form Music][FORM030]


Label : Form Music
Cat N° : Form30
Artist : Julian Jeweil
Title : Mad Ep
Remixer : Popof


1 – Julian Jeweil – Mad (Original mix) 
2 – Julian Jeweil – Mad (Popof remix) 
3 – Julian Jeweil – Downtown (Original mix)

Available as Exclusive BEATPORT on Feb 27th 2012
Available in all shops on March 27th 201

Supported by : ivan smagghe, someone else, wehbba, Stefano Noferini, Heartik, Florian Meindl, Max Bett, Kaiserdisco, john digweed, Feadz, 2000andOne, Oliver Giacomotto, Leonardo Gonnelli, Thomas P Heckmann, Paco Osuna, Patrick Kunkel, Phuture Labs, Elisa Do Brasil, Soliman, Juan Ddd, Nicolas Masseyeff, Tsugi Mag, 128AndUp Magazine, Soundwall.it Mag,

Gregor Tresher – System X EP [DC106]


Released by: Drumcode
Release/catalogue number: DC106
Release date: 28/1/2013

Gregor Tresher thunders back with his second solo EP for Drumcode. Gregor has been busy throughout 2012 with lots of new material and remixes being released on Cocoon, Ovum and Music Man and has released lots of new music and remixes on his very own imprint, Break New Soil. Break New Soil was launched in 2009 and has gone from strength-to-strength. Highly regarded within the tech- house world, the imprint has releases from the likes of Bart Skils, Karotte, Dosem and Gregor himself. DJ’ing across the world every week to packed out clubs and rocking the party deep into the early hours of any morning, he knows how to work a crowd.

Gregor has delivered four outstanding tracks for Drumcode that are creative, whilst still functional. Relevance uses a filtered, bubbling synth line and sparse percussion effectively to build a groove that will rip through any club. System X uses a detuned synth stab and an unusual bass line harmoniously to construct a track that sounds like its from out of space. Secura is a straight-laced techno groover that uses some distinctively unfamiliar sounds. The track is gelled together with a repetitive hum sound that adds to the groove. The fourth track on the EP; Call To Arms, uses a melodic rhythmic sequence and reverberated drums to eloquently smash any dancefloor.

Oliver Lieb - The Shortest Day / Yarra



01 The Shortest Day (Original Mix) (9:23)
02 Yarra (Original Mix) (7:51)
03 The Shortest Day (Dapayk Remix) (7:37)
04 Yarra (Roland M. Dill Remix) (7:26)
05 The Shortest Day (Android Cartel’s Transitory Visualization Remix) (11:58)

Erdi Irmak - The Secret Valley EP



Erdi Irmak – The Secret Valley EP // Movement Recordings [MOVD062]
Genre: Prog-House,Deep House,Electronica,
Release Date: Jan 21 2013
Label: Movement Recordings

1 Erdi Irmak – The Secret Valley
2 Erdi Irmak – Space Dimension
3 Erdi Irmak – Apples

Waves Remixes Part 1 [Flash062]

Waves Remixes Part 1 [Flash062]

Florian Meindl’s acclaimed debut album WAVES gets a remix treatment by Florian’s favourite electronic producers. First part includes “all killers no fillers” rockin’ interpretations by Stephan Bodzin, Martin Eyerer, Sasha Carassi and Oliver Schories.

RELEASE DATE – 2012-12-10
BEATPORT – Waves Remixes Part 1 [Flash062]

When Frida Sings EP [SFR040]

When Frida Sings EP [SFR040]

An undiscovered talent, Igor ‘Ri9or’ Hodorenko from St. Petersburg brings his vision of quality electronica to Stellar Fountain. He had a few gorgeous releases on labels like Carica and Kansak, but his latest material called ‘When Frida Signs’ will surely direct the spotlight on him. This EP is Stellar Fountain’s 40th release, which is a really special one with two huge originals and two incredible – Cid Inc., MiraculuM – remakes. The original mix is 8 minutes of pure perfection. Frida just sings, the hypnotizing synths in the background joining the vocal session and become a real monster. Cid Inc is a headliner name on this release. His version fits to his fame, but this time he went more to the melodic side, with the combination of driving beats and bright club sound.MiraculuM’s Simple Pleasure mix is balancing between the deep and progressive sound, with a colossal breakdown including an impressing breakbeat section. ‘Strange’ is closer to deep edge with a pretty nice male vocal. The baseline just go crazy, the sudden changes creating euphoric feel. This guy knows how to manipulate with sound!

RELEASE DATE – 2012-11-26
LABEL – Stellar Fountain
BEATPORT – When Frida Sings EP

Conditions One EP

Conditions One EP [887396917491]

Rising UK electronica star Max Cooper has collaborated with Canada?s intellectual art-rockers BRAIDS on a two-part EP named CONDITIONS ONE. The human condition is a well-examined idea ? but as an ex-genetics researcher with a PhD, Cooper takes a somewhat aslant look at humanity with the two collaborations. ?Pleasures,? he says, ?is just that ? an attempt to write something purely pleasurable and beautiful. But Automaton is darker ? an attempt to show how humans are essentially deterministic, trapped in a set of predictable reactions to their environment, their upbringing, their lives?. All three members of BRAIDS sing, and the tracks on the CONDITIONS EP combine vocal lines, melodies and individual vocal sounds from every song on BRAIDS? most recent album, Native Speaker ? both as ?proper vocals?, and or ethereal, pure sound.

RELEASE DATE – 2012-12-10
LABEL – Fields
CATALOG # – 887396917491
BEATPORT – Conditions One EP

Cold and Flu EP

Greek producer ‘dPen’ returns to Sound Avenue with his second EP! With Mehmet Akar, Vinayak A & Monster Of Density delivering 3 strong remixes this is a great package for all credible house dj’s.

RELEASE DATE – 2012-12-03
LABEL – Sound Avenue
BEATPORT – Cold and Flu

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