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James Zabiela – Studio Sessions – 10-10-2014

Dosem – Origin LP

Dosem - Origin LP


Dosem – Origin LP

Having spent much of the past year detouring with the gamut of his sound, Catalonian futurist Dosem has decided to execute his “lifelong conception project” and launch his album ‘Origin’ in 2013. Released as part of trilogy album series through Christian Smith’s Tronic label ‘Origin’ gives rise to a self-discovery project in which Dosem is seeking to craft a body of work that possess a timeless quality. The focus of the album is to demonstrate a past, present and future perspective on his sound through musical landscapes and inspired themes bringing to the musical cauldron his influences from film, art and life. ‘Origin’ is Dosem’s artist alleyway to highlighting this transformation in culture through his own musical expedition. A futuristic flirt for the most frenzied of souls.

Ali N - Dissonances - Goldenwing Music Radio February 2013


Ali N – Dissonances – Goldenwing Music Radio February 2013

Breathing your air now
with the fear of damaging your mental strength …
…overshadowed by new feelings that I can not dominate
and makes me feel awkward and clumsy.
I am you, because I have you all inside me ,
and am not able to back anymore
as if I were surrounded by quicksand …
breathe your air with rapid sighs
while I go down even more in the deep
until the fear will not cover my breath
forever …


01- My Film Is A Drama – Alexander Dancaless (Original Mix)
02- Omnimotion -Days Of Silence feat Aleah (Original Mix)
03- Nicola Hitchcock – Moving Into a New Space (Original Mix)
04- Burial – Rough Sleeper (Original Mix )
05- Cryteque – Alone (Hells Kitchen Remix)
06- Foot – The Distance (Original Mix)
07- Xerxes – Inhale Feat Aleah (Original Mix)
08- Holy Other – Held (Original Mix)
09- Stanisha – Quantized Souls (Rework for Alina)
10- Bodi Bill – What (Apparat Remix)

Nick Warren - Sound Garden (Frisky) February 2013


Nick Warren – Sound Garden (Frisky) February 2013
♫♪♫❤♫♪♫ ♥ A ★ W ★ E ★ S ★ O ★ M ★ E ★ ♥ ♫♪♫❤♫♪♫



Ali N - @ Welcome To My Nightmare 1st Anniversary Guest Mix [February 2013]



Inside me, much silence that fill my space however limited.
Oh, only if you give me a look inside, sometimes,
trying to rip just those two words.
Am as a shadow of nobody.
Just powder that is poured into the memory of
someone who has never existed,
dust that whispers “learn your own death is task of each of us”

I just know it by heart..Alina


01 Chris Clark – Black Stone (Original Mix)
02 CoMa – Something In The Way (Isotope mix)
03 Stendhal Syndrome – Suddenly You (Ville Rowland Remix)
04 CoMa – Wouldn’t It Be Good (Jernalism Remix)
05 Milamdo – Lost Angels( Original Mix)
06 Emika – Professional Loving (Original Mix)
07 Stendhal Syndrome – Surgery (Bkgrnd Noise Remix) Blinding Lights Remixes
08 Volor Flex – City Pressure feat Bulb (Original Mix)
09 Alexander Dancaless – Another
10 Synkro – Why Don t You (Original Mix)
11 Nicola Hithcock – Moving Into a New Space
12 Volor Flex – About You (Original Mix)
13 Omnimotion – Days Of Silence feat Aleah (Original Mix)
14 Hells Kitchen – The End of Us (Original Mix)
15 Burial – Truant (Original Mix)


Marco Bailey



“High Volume” is an exciting snapshot of Belgiums finest techno DJ/Producer, a man who likes to think outside the box and explore his fascination with a diverse musical palette, creating a unique blend of underground sounds.The advantage of the album format (and one reason why it is so important in artistic terms) is that it gives Marco the freedom to express himself musically to his full potential. This album includes his beloved percussive techno club monsters, alongside his firebrand pumped up tech-house and his experimental down-tempo electronica all expressed out in 13 unique tracks.

Ali N "Sinking Senses" Insomniafm - January 2013


Ali N “Sinking Senses” Insomniafm – January 2013

Love is an enemy, nourishes me and then it feed me to bleed.
It fills me with unique huge emotions and then suddenly devoid me of any emotion …
Leaves me empty inside, wrapped in the darkness of my queries created as an instant rape never happened …
Not a face, not the memory of a scent, not a trace on the skin.
Only Complete Cancellation of myself to not be able to even find myself in my own eyes poured into the mirror.
It takes away the last vestige of dignity and makes me slaves of my deepest fears.
There massacres in, until the soul that remains is a shadow without a master.
Is my enemy, love.
And is my second skin , oh, me…

01- The red deluxe – The Thai Connection (Original Mix) [Gr8 Al Music]
02- Something In The Way – Coma (Original Mix) (-l-NI Isotope mix)
03- Feel Something Holy Other (Original Mix) [Tri Angle]
04- Fortune’s Fool – Hiatus e Shura (Clubroot Remix)
05- Unknown – Exist Strategy and Coma (Original Mix) 
06- The Beat My Heart Skips – Stumbleine (Original Mix) 
07- For You My Love – BoyChild (Original Mix) 
08- Dragonheart – Ryan Davis (Original Mix) [Traum]
09- The Sign – Volor Flex (Original Mix) 
10- Shell Of Light – Burial (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
11- Impouring – Holy Other (Original Mix) [Tri Angle]
12- Behind The Curtains – Milamdo (Original Mix) 
13- Will I Ever Be Missed ? – Halo & Say (Need A Name Remix)
14- Unseen – Matteo Monero (Original Mix) 
15- You Don t Know Me – Apparat (Original Mix) [Shitkatapult]

Erdi Irmak - The Secret Valley EP



Erdi Irmak – The Secret Valley EP // Movement Recordings [MOVD062]
Genre: Prog-House,Deep House,Electronica,
Release Date: Jan 21 2013
Label: Movement Recordings

1 Erdi Irmak – The Secret Valley
2 Erdi Irmak – Space Dimension
3 Erdi Irmak – Apples


Max Cooper Live – Movements Through Self Contained Space

1. Remix to be announced 1 
2. Collaboration to be announced 2 
3. Max Cooper – Autumn Haze (Traum) – Out Now 
4. Max Cooper feat. Braids – Automaton (Fields) 
5. Magic Panda – Distant Places – Max Cooper Remix (Tigerbeat6) – Out Now 
6. Remix to be announced 3 
7. Max Cooper feat. Braids – Pleasures (Fields) 
8. Halls – Roses for the dead – Max Cooper Remix (No pain in pop) 
9. Collaboration to be announced 4 
10. Robert Clouth – Cloud Complex – Max Cooper Remix (Traum) 
11. Nils Frahm – Peter – Max Cooper Remix (Erased Tapes) 
12. To be announced 5






Track list (support the music you like and enjoy!):

Bob Marley vs. Funkstar Deluxe – Sun is Shining (sand in my shoes remix)
Alpha Blondy – Jah Houphouet Boigny Nous Parle [http://www.amazon.com/Revolution-Alpha-Blondy/dp/B004FPE4EE]
Fingertwister – I Remember Jah [http://www.beatport.com/release/i-remember-jah-ep/37333]
The Orb – Towers of Dub [http://www.amazon.com/U-F-Orb-Orb/dp/B000005HTY]
Makyo – Souzho River (underwater dub Mix) [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Makyo/190215504359505]
Ooze – Quintessence (Spatialize remix) [www.facebook.com/LandofOoze]
Jule Grasz – The Flow I [http://bnprecords.bandcamp.com/album/earth-feelings]
Krusseldorf – Deep Fulgin [http://alephzerorecords.bandcamp.com/album/from-soil-to-space]
Omnimotion & I Awake feat. Irina Mikhalilova – Rebooting Daisy [http://alephzerorecords.bandcamp.com/album/dark-room-beats]
Shulman – One Step Closer (Eitan Reiter & DJ Shahar remix) [http://alephzerorecords.bandcamp.com/album/dark-room-beats]
Vataff Project – Plasticine Bird [http://alephzerorecords.bandcamp.com/album/kalitz]
Pink Floyd – Cirus Minor [http://www.amazon.com/More-Pink-Floyd/dp/B004ZN9L4O]
Pink Floyd – Echoes [http://www.amazon.com/Meddle-Pink-Floyd/dp/B004ZN9Q3K]
Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan [http://www.amazon.com/Paranoid-Black-Sabbath/dp/B000002KHH/]
Nemesis – Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Pink Floyd – More [http://www.amazon.com/More-Pink-Floyd/dp/B004ZN9L4O]
Ishvara – Nomad [http://www.ishq.org]
Ooze – Quintessence (Koss remix) [www.facebook.com/LandofOoze]
TIP – Blue Aura [http://www.avatar-music.com/r_tip.shtml]
TIP – Mystical Experiences [http://www.avatar-music.com/r_tip.shtml]
Shpongle – And the Day turned to Night [http://www.twistedmusic.com/shop/various-eclipse-a-journey-of-permanence-and-impermanence.html]
Shulman – Smal Grey Creatures [www.shulman.info]
Alan Parsons Project – Return to Trunguska [http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000WKVNKY]
Tau Kita – Flying in the Rain [http://alephzerorecords.bandcamp.com/album/natural-born-chillers-2]
Free Q Sense – Diffuzion of Myself
Zen Mechanics – A New Philosophy [http://alephzerorecords.bandcamp.com/album/natural-born-chillers]
Majan – Mundaka
The Fucking Moon

Federico Epis – Mare (Anthony Pappa Rmx)

The long player “Complex Behaviour” on Hype Muzik on April 16, 2012 (exclusively @ Beatport).
We have decided to release the continuous dj mix, featuring all 14 tracks for free download ahead of the release. The mix will also be included free when purchasing the full album on Beatport.


Mechanique | Complex Behaviour LP – Continuous DJ Mix


02.Complex Behaviour
03.Event Horizon
05.Cope With That
08.Adding Insult to Injury
13.The Process
14.Tosi Hauska

Released by: Hype Muzik 
Release/catalogue number: 005-HMLPMIX
Release date: Apr 16, 2012
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