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Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 414 – 02-12-2013


01.Ben Sims Feat. Tyree Cooper – Get Behind The Groove (Geeeman Remix)
02.L-Vis 1990 Pres. Dance System – Flash Drive
03.Brandon Decarlo – In The Making
04.Bart B More – Bounce
05.Darren Rice – Acetate
06.Harvard Bass & Pilo – Twerk Talk
07.Phil Kieran – Liquid Night (TWR72 Remix)
08.Dosem – Atica (Joey Beltram-RMX)
09.Andrea Belluzzi – 32 (Damon Wild Remix)
10.Inigo Kennedy – Interaction
11.RRKS – Wave Generator (Never Forgotten Mix)
12.David Meiser & Black Asteroid – Who Controls
13.14anger – The Lost Path
14.Cave DJz – Cave (Sugar Snap Mst)

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 413 – 25-11-2013


01.David Meiser & Black Asteroid – Who Controls
02.Daniel Avery – Reception (Perc Remix)
03.Housemeister – Whiteout
04.Joe Farr – Tape 6 [Black Nite – BLNC 001]
05.Inigo Kennedy – Pithead
06.Irregular Synth – Just A Dream
07.Justin Schumacher – Calibrate (DJ Hi Shock Remix) [Packed – PM 072]
08.Sammy Dee & Heiko Laux – Moonside Playground (Alexander Kowalski Remix) [Kanzleramt – KA 159]
09.Kane Roth – Something Special (Ray Kajioka Remix)
10.Spiros Kaloumenos – Hologram [Focus – 032]
11.Literon – Knob Explotation [Clone Basement Series – CBS 15]
12.Floorplan – Glory B [M Plant – MPM 17]
13.Jesse Jacob – A2 [Limited G – 001]
14.DJ 3000 – Morning Bird [Motech – MT 050]

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 412 – 18-11-2013


01.DJ Ant & AKA Carl – Radio Hijack
02.Pilo – Imply [Boysnoize – BNR 112]
03.Turbo Turbo – Promethean [GND Organisation – GN 063]
04.DJ Bold & AtProject – Wicked Cheese (Sven Schaller Remix) [Gobsmacked – GOB 113]
05.Space DJ’z – Grey Scale (A – Brothers Remix)
06.Inigo Kennedy – VHSK II
07.J-T Kyrke – Chamber
08.Wyrus & Matija Marinc – Frequency Sweep (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix)
09.Komabase – Moonlanding
10.DJ Bone – What He Said
11.Fabrice Lig – Hmong Dignity
12.Fleck ESC – Wrong Flair [Shameless Toady – TOAD 021D]
13.AE35 – Underdrain (Red)
14.Mike Ash – Human Interaction [Bass Agenda – AW 5096715]
15.Demia E.Clash – Operates

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 411 – 11-11-2013


01.Black Asteroid – Grind
02.Ben Sims – Transforming
03.D-Knox & Spiritman – Fornicate
04.Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Diutisk (Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search Remix)
05.Spark Taberner – Confusion
06.RRKS – Bass Abductors
07.Saimon – Tse’lem
08.Antony Dupont – Angry Bastards
09.Daegon – The Gathering (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
10.Aubrey – Centrifuge Azul
11.Mamoru – Laminar Flow (Ryogo Yamamori Remix)
12.Paul Birken – Funnel Fiends
13.DJ Nasty – Crusin’ Down 7 Mile

Dave Clarke 2

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 408 – 21-10-2013


01.DeFekT – Skitzo
02.Phase – Distracted
03.Urbano – Aboveboard
04.Ronan Teague – Umbriel Acid
05.Samuel L. Session – Air Blast
06.A & S – Sevir
07.Lag – Sama Doma (FSG Remix)
08.Trust The Machine – Baiting Fever
09.UZB – Transversal
10.Mr. Jones – Zoom 45
11.Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – Backup (Stanny Franssen Remix)
12.Inner City – Good Life (Quinto Remix)
13.Shadow Dancer – Unspeakable Things (Paul Mac Remix)
14.Ritzi Lee – Subway Trip

Dave Clarke 2

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 404 – 23-09-2013

01.Andrei Morant – Blessed
02.D_FUNC. – Modulator
03.Shlomi Aber – Warehouse
04.SP-X – Jack Cracker
05.Gary Beck – Big Smoke
06.Erphun – Distorted Events
07.Turbo Turbo & S-File – Refusion
08.Tripeo – Untitled #8
09.Sync Therapy – Methanisor (J-T Kyrke Remix)
10.Mike Humphries – Technotic Regression
11.Paul Smyth – Casaover
12.Virgil Enzinger – Odic Force (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix)
13.Thee-O & DayV – Do What You Do (Colin C Remix)

Dave Clarke 2

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 403 – 16-09-2013

01.Neil Landstrumm – The Great Nonsense
02.The Hidden Persuader – Electro Magnetism
03.Francois Du Electronique – In Mission
04.Djedjotronic – Abyssal Zone
05.Mario Giardini aka Macro – Activate [Le Galassie Di Seyfert – LGDS 059]
06.DBRm – Darnley
07.Jon Convex Feat. Jimmy Edgar – Move
08.Mr. Jones – BAR (Bas Mooy Remix 2)
09.RRKS – Radius
10.Dean Vincent – To Exist To Unexist
11.Spiros Kaloumenos – That Awkward Moment
12.Niereich & Steve Masterson – Das Testament (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
13.L/F/D/M – Circuit Sweat [Optimo Trax – OT 001]
14.Submerge & Ricardo Garduno Feat. Steve Poindexter – Mainframe

White Noise 400

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 400 – 26-08-2013

01.Drumcell – Disturbance (Pfirter Remix)
02.Attac – 01 (Perthil & Aerts Remix)
03.Binny – Future Echo
04.Arnaud Le Texier – Equanimity (Zadig Remix)
05.George Lanham – Castell
06.Elseanino – Channelling
07.Unevenratio – Do Until
08.Gingy & Bordello – All Day (Robert Hood Remix)
09.Mike Humphries – Engine Reject (Mike Humphries Remix)
10.Bunker44 & Jeaven – Cardiology (Black Asteroid Remix)
11.Mike Humphries – (We Sleep) They Live
12.Antony Dupont – Liars World

Dave Clarke 2

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 399 – 19-08-2013

01.Drumcell – Disturbance (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
02.AnD – Bottom Self Freqs Dub
03.R-Zone – Claustrophobic Habits
04.H8R – CRS 5.0
05.Attac – Attac
06.Paul Mac – Back Track
07.Justin Schumacher – Submit
08.Detect Audio – Syncronize
09.Jack Priest – Get On Up And Dance (While The Record Spins)
10.JF Lee – White Night
11.Mr. Magnetik – Self Destruction
12.The Exaltics – Vier

Dave Clarke 2

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 398 – 12-08-2013

01.Binny – No Surrender
02.Mike Turrento – Grow Horn (Trust The Machine Remix)
03.Martin Mueller – Final Blood
04.Komabase – Orbit
05.Ben Sims – Spectrum (Jonas Kopp Black Mix)
06.Perc & Truss – Broken
07.Mark Broom – Take 4
08.Dani Dimitri – DisOrganized (A.Paul Redub)
09.Absent – Patient Zero
10.Romplex – Do It Again
11.Pip Williams – Cutty Told Me
12.Fancy & Spook – Forest With Creature
13.MicroControlUnit – Dimension 1 (Artificial Humans vs Gigabots Remix)

Dave Clarke 2

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 397 05-08-2013

01.Radical G And The Horrorist – Here Comes The Storm (Original Master)
02.Corax – Vraith
03.Heritics Of Techno Feat. DJ Mourad – Detroit Dance (Trish Van Eyndes Reconnection Remix)
04.Nessbeth – Played The Game
05.Carretta & Workerpoor – Believe The Machine
06.Fancy & Spook – Hideous Dwarf
07.Esteban Adame – Repercussion
08.RRKS – Destination Unknownc (Bass Bin Destruction Mix)
09.L.A.W. – Condemner (Forthcoming On Decoy)
10.Wex – Enreg
11.Perc & Truss – Clapacid
12.Sub Morph – Whats Inside (Intense Mix)
13.Fancy & Spook – Amorphous Form

Dave Clarke_Edit

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 396 29-07-2013

01.Radical G And The Horrorist – Here Comes The Storm (Al Ferox Remix)
02.Bunker44 & Jeaven – Cardiology (Black Asteroid Remix)
03.GabeeN – Digging
04.Chris David – Benzodiazepines EP [Elektrax]
05.Ben Sims – Spectrum
06.Gingy & Bordello – All Day (Robert Hood Remix)
07.Paul Mac – Back Track
08.Absent – It Delivers All Equally To The Same End
09.Pfirter – Iteration
10.Pär Grindvik – The Planets
11.W1b0 – PumpJack Four
12.Pip Williams – Cutty Told Me
13.Mr. Magnetik – Matiere Noire

Dave Clarke - Edit

Dave Clarke – Clash DJ Mix 25-07-2013


01.House of Black Lanterns – The Walls Are Closing In
02.Corax – Corvus
03.Christopher Kah – Hunger
04.Green Velvet & Phil Kieran – Birds and Bees
05.Strip Steve – All The Time (Gingy Remix)
06.Josh Moseley – Chicago Jack’D
07.The Artist Formerly Known As 19.454. – (Spadesdance S&T Remix)
08.Housemeister & Dave Tarrida – Twerk that Shit
09.DJ Nehpets – BAP [PA & Atom Pushers Re-twerk]
10.DJ Nehpets – Bomb Ass Pussy (Ryogo Yamamori Remix)
11.Gingy & Bordello – All Day (Robert Hood Remix)
12.Jeroen Search – The Future Is Ours
13.Aufgang – Barock (Robert Hood Remix)
14.Charlton – Chaotic Behaviour
15.Ben Sims – Spectrum (Jonas Kopp Black Mix)
16.Bunker44 & Jeaven – Cardiology (Black Asteroid Remix)
17.Erphun – Caged Lust
18.Miss Djax & Patrick DSP – The Rock (A-Brothers Chilled Iron Remix)
19.Diamond Version – When Performance Matters


Dark techno don Dave Clarke steps up for his Clash mix, triumphs, and learns us all a thing or two about innovating while he’s at it.

Being nicknamed The Baron of Techno and having it stick is pretty admirable, but when that nickname was given to you by John Peel, you know you’re on the right track. Clarke has been DJing and releasing tunes since the early ‘90s and few, if any, can match him when it comes to heady, raw techno mettle and energy across those decades.

But make no mistake, though he excels at crafting huge, sprawling tracks with enough bite to snap your spleen, he’s far too musically savvy to have ever played at being a one-trick pony, as his radio show, White Noise podcasts, and now his Clash mix, demonstrate, with the producer choosing to innovate and offer a platform for new techno sounds, rather than sticking to the same successful formula time and again.

There are certainly a few fearsome sonic assaults in there, of course, but Clarke’s mix is a fascinating picture of some of the many directions that techno is headed in, rather than a misty eyed look at where it’s already been, as the man himself explained when we caught up with him.

What were you were aiming for with your mix?
To try and show how wide techno is these days. There is so much out there with different flavours that to go in one direction for this kind of podcast would be a wasted opportunity.

You’re playing Eastern Electrics next weekend. What’s the best or most fun festival set you’ve played?
Actually too many to mention. I am lucky enough to play at some of the best festivals the world has to offer. While some forms of house have drifted into the mainstream again recently, techno – by and large – remains steadfastly in the underground.

Do you think that helps the scene to grow and keeps it fresh?
I wish I could be that optimistic. Quite a few [people] seem hell-bent to cash-in and destroy a valid and important scene by pretending to play techno by re-branding weak tech-house or by coming off that three legged donkey, minimal.

Give us a few tip-offs for some new techno producers you’re enjoying at the moment:
Best check my radio show, as I try and give space to the best up-and-coming producers that are out there every week.

Your White Noise podcasts have been running for a good few years. Does having a constant like this help level things out in an unpredictable schedule?
It can be a real pain sometimes, it still takes time out my studio schedule, but every time I have done it I feel immensely proud of how healthy this music really is. There are so many up-and-coming talents and quite a few who have being doing it for years that still give a damn – that gives me strength when I finish a show. If I didn’t stop doing radio for my ‘Devil’s Advocate’ album I would be up to show 700 by now. I feel it would be criminal not to give this music a stand and my show isn’t about pushing my friends or my own label, just about the music.

What have you got coming up over the following months and beyond?
A remix for House of Black Lanterns, as Unsubscribe, for Houndstooth comes out on 12 August. There’s a new Unsubscribe record coming, a collaboration, a Marcel Fengler remix, etc.

Dave Clarke_Edit

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 395 22-07-2013

01.JF Lee – White Night
02.Mr. Magnetik – Self Destruction (Original Mix)
03.Carretta & Workerpoor – Believe The Machine
04.Pk and GV – Birds and Bees
05.Luis Martinez – Do Me
06.Dantiez Saunderson featuring Mike Anderson – Can’t Stop Us (Pitched Down Vocal Mix)
07.Gingy & Bordello – Saturday Night Fervor
08.Woo York – Abandoned City (Jeroen Search Remix)
09.Ben Sims – Spectrum (Jonas kopp Black Mix)
10.Pfirter – New State of Consciousness
11.Absent – Sceptical
12.Wex – Enreg

Dave Clarke_Edit

Dave Clarke Presents – White Noise 394 15-07-2013

01 Sequent – Wriezen
02 Egor Boss – Prism
03 Madben & Yann – Neighbours
04 Kirk Degiorgio – Rocinha
05 Pär Grindvik – Abyme
06 Jeroen Search – The Future Is Ours
07 Developer – Random Attractions
08 Victor Santana – Helmantica (Orlando Voorn Rmx)
09 Trust the Machine – Klang
10 Inigo Kennedy – Emitter
11 Angel Alanis – Dusty (Submerge Remix)
12 De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – De Formule (Mr. Jones Pit Stop Mix)
13 Charlton – Chaotic Behaviour

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