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Maya Jane Coles - XLR8R Podcast 300

Maya Jane Coles – XLR8R Podcast 300

The XLR8R podcast series is nearly seven years old. During that time, the entire concept of podcasts has become ubiquitous; at times, it feels like just about everyone on the planet with an internet connection has one. Still, we’ve held fast to a simple concept: each week, we ask a DJ put together an exclusive mix, which we then post on XLR8R for our readers to stream and/or download. There’s nothing overly complex about it, and the podcast doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, yet the series has nevertheless become one of the cornerstones of our website, something that thousands of people flock to week in and week out. Last month, we featured a special series of mixes in celebration of XLR8R’s 20th anniversary, and today we’ve arrived at another milestone: podcast number 300. We couldn’t let the moment go by without celebrating, so we’ve enlisted none other than Maya Jane Coles to lead the festivities.

Coles has been turning out music since 2008, but following the release of 2010’s “What They Say,” her profile exploded, and the London artist’s ascent hasn’t stopped since. We’ve actually been chasing her to put together an XLR8R podcast for a couple of years now, but in retrospect, we’re glad she decided to wait. These days, she’s one of house music’s biggest stars, a producer whose output has traction in both underground and more commercial circles. At the beginning of next month, Coles will be releasing Comfort, her first proper full-length effort and an LP which finds her employing her own vocals in a more prominent way than ever before—something she discussed as part of our Ladies on the Mic feature earlier this year. Ahead of the album’s appearance, she’s put together this mix for XLR8R, and it finds her doing what she does best: playing quality house music. Focusing largely on newer selections—most of them with vocals—and incorporating an abundance of bright melodies and bouncing grooves, it’s appropriately upbeat listen for this special occasion.


01 Lund Quartet “Sequoia”
02 Citizen “Came Through” (MadTech)
03 Douglas Greed feat. Delhia de Frace “Sense” (Upon You)
04 Giuseppe Favia “Sensation” (Dark Side)
05 Franskild “Majestic Mountains” (Sweat It Out!)
06 Sei A “Wants” (Seinan)
07 Rey Aguilar “It’s Not Over (Nick Devon Remix)” (Cromarti)
08 Maya Jane Coles feat. Kim Ann Foxmann “Burning Bright” (I/AM/ME)
09 Lee Burton “Breath (Lake People Remix)” (Klik)
10 Feindrehstar “Vulgarian Knights (Maxi Version)” (Musik Krause)
11 Dapayk Solo feat. Camara “Back to Me (Single Version)” (Mo’s Ferry)
12 Eskuche & Nu Sky “Detroit” (TLK)
13 Remute “Gravity?”
14 Sono “Keep Control (H.O.S.H. Remix)” (Kontor)

DJ Koze - XLR8R Podcast 324

DJ Koze – XLR8R Podcast 324

The calendar only flipped to December a few days ago, but it seems that much of the music world has already begun to set its sights on the end of the year. More specifically, everyone seems to be looking back at the last 11 months and evaluating what pieces of music were amongst the year’s best. XLR8R is no different, and when our list of 2013’s best releases surfaces during the next few weeks, there’s little question that Amygadla, the long-awaited sophomore LP from DJ Koze, will make the cut. It’s been a big year for the veteran German producer, which is why we thought he would be an excellent candidate to put together the final XLR8R podcast of 2013. Over the past decade, DJ Koze has built up a reputation as a sort of lovable oddball, and this exclusive mix will do nothing to contradict that image. Much like his own work, the podcast is loosely rooted in house and techno, but its 70-plus minutes of music also reaffirm that Koze isn’t someone who’s afraid to color outside the lines. Armed with a playful spirit and a genuine sense of humor, Koze seems as comfortable dropping esoteric spoken word and bizarre outtakes from Marvin Gaye as he does stringing together warm slices of rich, organic house music. Oh yeah, he also manages to slip in a couple of conscious hip-hop tracks along the way. In short, it’s not the average podcast, but it’s not like we expected something “normal” with DJ Koze at the helm.


01 Kronos Quartet “The Beatitudes” (Nonesuch)
02 Die Vögel “Mesmerize” (Pampa)
03 Apparat “Sweet Unrest” (Mute)
04 DJ Koze “Nices Wölkchen (Robag Wruhme Remix)” (Pampa)
05 Mount Kimbie “Made To Stray (DJ Koze Remix)” (Warp)
06 Jon Hopkins “Abandon Window” (Domino)
07 Si Schroeder “C4” (Trust Me I’m a Thief)
08 Marvin Gaye “Marvin’s Message to the CBS Records Staff” (Columbia)
09 Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing Rehearsals” (Columbia)
10 Azeda Booth “Ran” (Absolutely Kosher)
11 Ken Nordine “Looks Like It’s Going to Rain” (Two Bass Hits)
12 Jullian Gomes (feat. Bobby) “Love Song 28 (Charles Webster Remix)”
13 Ricoshëi “Perfect Like You” (Pampa)
14 Gilb’r “Nuage de L’onde” (Versatile)
15 Lawrence “Serpentine” (Cocoon)
16 Four Tet “Parallel Jalebi” (Text)
17 Lali Puna “Move On (Baths Remix)” (Morr)
18 Matana Roberts “Amma Jerusalem School” + “For This Is” (Constellation)
19 Homeboy Sandman “Musician” (Stones Throw)
20 Blu & Exile “So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)” (Sound in Color)
21 Abida Parveen “Menda Dil Ranjhan Rawal Mange”

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