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SBCD002 | Sudbeats Volume Two

SBCD002 | Sudbeats Volume Two
Sudbeat are seriously on fire right now, and seem to be getting somehow hotter with every release. Bridging musical genres together effortlessly and the occasional surprise, this is a label on the top of its game.
After last years hugely successful introduction to the Sudbeats concept, the eagerly awaited Volume 2 lands with a whopping 25 tracks to dazzle and amaze. 29 artists, each with a singular track, each hand picked for their excitement and energy they can bring to this project.


01 | Pole Folder & Cédric Piret – Pacific Orchestra (Original Mix)
02 | Chicola – Cowboys & Angels (Original Mix)
03 | Nick Varon – 619 (Original Mix)
04 | Marcelo Vasami – Issued By (Original Mix)
05 | Beat Syndrome – Deer (Original Mix)
06 | David Granha – Culture (Original Mix)
07 | Cid Inc – Typhoon (Original Mix)
08 | Luis Bondio & Silinder – The World In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
09 | Mohn (NL) – You Won’t Quit (Original Mix)
10 | BP – Voidism (Original Mix)
11 | Kintar & Mariano Mellino – Passengers (Original Mix)
12 | Namatijra – Yamana (Original Mix)
13 | Pedro Aguiar – Devotion (Original Mix)
14 | Kevin Di Serna – Ailes (Original Mix)
15 | Audioglider – Lazy Tears (Original Mix)
16 | Rich Curtis – The Ghost Writer (Original Mix)
17 | Applescal – Antenna Girl (Original Mix)
18 | Mercurio – What They Do (Original Mix)
19 | Dale Middleton – My Scream (Original Mix)
20 | Solee – Slowly (Original Mix)
21 | Darin Epsilon – Black Lotus (Original Mix)
22 | Omar El Gamal – Disconnect (Original Mix)
23 | Dale Middleton & Sonic Union – Leaving Home for Home (Original Mix)
24 | Tim Penner – Exit Me (Original Mix)
25 | dPen – Phobos (Dub Mix)


Miss Sheila @ Alfândega (Porto) 3/11/12

Dubstep (lanparty Edit)




The A5 is Adam’s smallest monitor yet. Similar in concept to its A7, but reduced in scale, it features the same type of woofer but in 5.5-inch form, and of course its acclaimed ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter.

Power comes from two 25W onboard amps, with the main level and power switch conveniently located on the front panel. On the back panel you’ll find three additional controls. The first is a straightforward tweeter level (+/- 4dB), but there are also two tone controls offering shelving EQ at 6kHz up and 150Hz down (+/- 6dB on each).

Inputs are on both balanced XLRs and unbalanced phonos, but there are also a couple of further phonos labelled as ‘stereo link’. These enable you to hook the two monitors together, controlling the volumes of both from one level control. A nice touch if you’re running them directly from your soundcard.

Finally, the A5 also comes in three finishes – matt black, gloss black and gloss white at an extra cost.

At just under 11 inches tall, these are pretty compact monitors, but at five kilos, when you pick them up, you know they’re jam-packed with goods. Although technically similar to the A7, the A5 is visually different, most obviously with its split-front bass port. Also worth noting is the integrated front grill.

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Round the back things are very tidy, with the amplification and heat sinks all tucked. At less than eight inches deep, the A5’s footprint should be fine for most desktop users.

In use, the stereo link feature requires you to plumb both left and right channels into one speaker (either will do as they’re both the same), and then use the link output to feed one channel to the second monitor. With all cables plugged up, the linking LED lights up on the front panel of the first monitor, letting you know it’s both active and the master.

The only slight problem with the whole thing is you can only do this using unbalanced connectors. If you want full balanced hook-up you’ll have to stick to the XLR inputs and forget about using the stereo link.


Adam monitors have an enviable reputation for clear upfront sound. The A5 follows in this tradition, and our first impression was that they could become tiring over long periods. Alas, this is often the case for good monitors and not a criticism.

Having spent some time fiddling with the various EQ options and levels, for monitoring at least we came to the conclusion that they sounded best in their flat state. Even so, with some boost from both the built-in bottom and top EQs, it’s easy to replicate a more flattering and ‘bigger’ hi-fi style sound.

Given the small amps you might expect these speakers to lack volume – they don’t. But like all monitors of this size, apart from the obvious tail off in the low end, they do lack a sense of overall scale.

Even so, for our money, these are some of the best small monitors we’ve ever heard, and present major competition for similar models from the likes of Genelec. A great choice for the small studio.


The A5 is an impressive compact monitor that offers stiff competition for other smaller models.

survival of the fastest

Double World Champion Casey Stoner used todays Le Mans press conference to announce his retirement plans, while Valentino Rossi promises fans another two years.

Current reigning World Champion Casey Stoner announced in the Le Mans press conference that he will retire from the sport at the end of the 2012 season as he no longer feels a strong passion for the sport. The announcement was a shock in its timing, it was only at the last grand prix in Estoril that he was forced to deny his retirement plans as rumours were already bouncing around the paddock, but not in its content as he has long remonstrated that he has no interest in riding a CRT bike, which are to be introduced across the board from next season, he has also spoken out against most recent rule changes, many of which have been brought in as austerity measures.

“After so…

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Here is a mix of some of my favorite Progressive/Electro/Dutch/House tracks out right now. This is this is “PART 1” of a two part series in dedication to the “Winter Music Conference” 2012. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to “SUBSCRIBE” and interact with me as I love exchanging ideas and theories. Talk to you guys soon… -Stylez-

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1-Microtrauma-Reflection EP-Traum
2-Marco Bailey & Tom Hades stars & shines – Bedrock Records
3-Sasha and James Teej-As you fall-Last Night on Earth
4-Silicon Soul-The Snakecharmer (Alex Niggemann & Marc Poppcke’s Kitchen Remix)
5-Of Norway-Blot Ditt Eige Lam (Of Norway Version)
6-BODJ-Every Day (Argy’s NYC Dub)
7-Datastix-Penumbra (Oliver Schories Remix)
8-Sasha & James Teej-Night Track (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) Last Night on Earth
9-Pole Folder & Amine Edge – Minor Theory (Liubo Ursiny edit)
10-Electric Rescue & Maxime Dangles-56 th Floor-Skryptom
11-Cid Inc & Lank-Emotional Self (Microtrauma Remix) Microcastle
12-Verche – Awakening (Graziano Raffa & Alberto Blanco rmx)
13-Monaque-Introspecto (Fran Von Vie remix)
14-Juan Deminicis – A secret wish
15-Poison Pro, Miusha-Alien (Fiord)
16-Sophie Moleta – Paul Eluard (Marcelo Vasami Bootleg)
17-Ryan Luciano-Dark City
18-Lank – Random Condom AlterImage Recordings
19-Issac – Two Kinds Of Hell
20-Scotty.A – Continue


10 maiores saltos no Mundo!

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