Nick Warren

The SoundGarden Volume One: Mixed By Nick Warren

Disc 1

01.Clara Moto – Holy
02.Dextro – Heaval
03.Nils Frahm – Says
04.Mono Electric Orchestra – Low Ball
05.lafur Arnalds – Alice Enters
06.Verche – No One Left Behind (Reprise)
07.Purl – Verche
08.Of Norway – A Forest
09.Nuuda – Curiosity Calling
10.Purl – Is
11.Fait Du Prince – Wintersonne
12.Black 8 – One More Day To Regret
13.Jon Sine Feat Alex Easdale – Out Of My Mind
14.Ant Coimbra – El Jard n De Mis Sue os

Disc 2

01.Peet – Fear Of Andarana
02.Niko Mayer – Peet
03.Simon Shackleton – We All Shine On
04.Stas Drive Pres Quattar – Arjuna
05.Kassey Voorn – Voices
06.Peter Makto & Gregory S – Glass House
07.Tero Civill – Paper Girl
08.Mono Electric Orchestra – Uno Momento
09.James Monro – Ambientworkx.XIII
10.Khen – The Lighthouse
11.Simon Shackleton – Getting Closer
12.Dark Soul Project – Al Sur