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Tvardovsky – Moonlight Reflection (Gai Barone rmx)
Out on next Monday, on Afterglow Deep!!!
Tvardovsky – Moonlight Reflection (incl. Original + massive Gai Barone remix)

Dave Seaman & John OO Fleming_Edit

Dave Seaman & John OO Fleming
Unexpected Item In The Packing Area (Hernan Cattaneo Martin Garcia Rmx)
PREVIEW:Pro-B-Tech Records

Crispy Bacon

LENGTH 5:50 | RELEASE DATE 1997-02-03 | BPM 130

Dosem – Origin LP

Dosem - Origin LP


Dosem – Origin LP

Having spent much of the past year detouring with the gamut of his sound, Catalonian futurist Dosem has decided to execute his “lifelong conception project” and launch his album ‘Origin’ in 2013. Released as part of trilogy album series through Christian Smith’s Tronic label ‘Origin’ gives rise to a self-discovery project in which Dosem is seeking to craft a body of work that possess a timeless quality. The focus of the album is to demonstrate a past, present and future perspective on his sound through musical landscapes and inspired themes bringing to the musical cauldron his influences from film, art and life. ‘Origin’ is Dosem’s artist alleyway to highlighting this transformation in culture through his own musical expedition. A futuristic flirt for the most frenzied of souls.

 Hefty - Demon Possessed EP


Hefty – Demon Possessed EP

RELEASE DATE:2013-02-22
LABEL:Teggno Records

London based Hefty has created his own unique style of dark abstract bass fuelled hypnotic techno. With requests for remixes and collaborations flooding in and many tracks being released, soon Hefty is determined to unleash his dark sounds on the public and continue to explore the realms of minimal and techno. Now with over 100,000 plays on soundcloud alone and signed to many UK and international labels… he is about to go global!

OLDSQL105 - Various Artists - Destinations 4 - Budapest


OLDSQL105 – Various Artists – Destinations 4 – Budapest

Release date: 29.03.2013
Catalog number: OLDSQL105
Styles: Progressive House / Breaks


01. Abstraction Unit – Atlantis (Original Mix)
02. Xsector – Strange Weather (Original Mix)
03. Gurban Abbasli – Balabanned (Dio S & Alex Ganti Mix)
04. Manufactura Deep – Point of Respawn (Original Mix)
05. Sergey Franc – China (Original Mix)
06. Electric Calm – Chelsea Afternoon (Original mix)
07. Enrique Echd – Little Ghost (Original Mix)
08. Noosphere – Moonstone (Original Mix)
09. Mathie Delois – Pilhada (Original Mix)
10. Digital Department – Born Under The Sun (A-Mase Sundown Party Mix)

Adam Beyer ‎– Protechtion

Adam Beyer ‎– Protechtion


Adam Beyer – Analyser
Adam Beyer – 7 C’s
Adam Beyer – Le Destin
Adam Beyer – Protechtion
Adam Beyer – 7th West
Adam Beyer – Collision
Adam Beyer – The Conclusion
Adam Beyer – Discipline
Adam Beyer – Forthcoming
Adam Beyer – Weqst

Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk - Where You Are EP (Nhar & Oliver Lieb Remixes) (microCastle)


Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are EP (Nhar & Oliver Lieb Remixes)


Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are (Dub Mix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are (Original Mix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Where You Are (Nhar Remix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Long Time Coming (Original Mix)
Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk – Long Time Coming (Oliver Lieb Remix)

Miss Shiva * Licht & Liebe


Miss Shiva * Licht & Liebe

ARTIST: Miss Shiva
REL. TITLE: Licht & Liebe 
REF: SAR 009
REF: REL. DATE: 22/02/2013
GENRE: Techno
Label: Shiva Audio Records

Miss Shiva is back with a New release! With strong rhythms and driving drums including all the remixes, Seduced the whole spectrum of the Electronic Music World from deep House to Techno and progressive tunes. Specially for the tone lovers will be a soul desire.
Listen and support this amazing release ! cheers

Written and Composed by Nathalie K.Bungardt / Published by Warner Chappell.

Remixes by: Mister flic / Frau Anke / Lox-D feat Chris Garcia / Franzis-D / Frank Kramer / Alex Mayer


01.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Original Club Mix
02.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Alex Mayer Remix
03.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Frank Kramer Remix
04.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Franzis-D Remix
05.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Frau Ankes_Gebrochenes Herz Remix
06.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Lox-D feat Chris Garcia Remix
07.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Modelay Remix
08.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Mister flics Opium Remix

OLDSQL104 - Carlos Fox - Ant Dancer EP


OLDSQL104 – Carlos Fox – Ant Dancer EP

01. Carlos Fox – Ant Dancer (Original Mix)
02. Carlos Fox – Que Divague (Original Mix)
03. Carlos Fox – The Night Divas (Original Mix)

Release date: 25.03.2013
Catalog number: OLDSQL104
Styles: Progressive House



RELEASE DATE:2013-02-14
LABEL:SCI+TEC Digital Audio

It has been rapid rise for Italian brothers Fabrizio & Matteo Floris. Producing as Mr. Bizz the duo’s early releases for Frisbee Tracks and Muticolor Recording found good support, however it was their 2009 production ‘Eternity’ that really put them on map. Signed to Cocoon, it featured on the Ten Years Of Cocoon compilation mixed by Dubfire and Loco Dice and was a highlight of that summer season. Into 2010 and Mr. Bizz were in full flow, signing releases to Tuning Spork and Resopal Schallware and turning their remix talents on Hakan Lidbo. Since then its been a flurry of releases. Ep’s for Octopus Recordings, Deeperfect and Material Series and remixes for the likes of Mauro Picotto, Hermanez, Pig&Dan, Stefano Noferini and Yello. The heavy beat patterns and sinister vocals have defined Mr. Bizz’s original style and are to the fore here again on their SCI+TEC debut, ‘Reversion EP’.

01 – Mr. Bizz – Reversion (Original Mix)
02 – Mr. Bizz – Suspence (Original Mix)
03 – Mr. Bizz – Memory Lost (Original Mix)
04 – Mr. Bizz – Reversion (Beat Dj Tool)
05 – Mr. Bizz – Suspence (Beat Dj Tool)
06 – Mr. Bizz – Memory Lost (Synth Dj Tool)

Agrande – Go Up North EP

Agrande - Go Up North EP

Agrande – Go Up North EP

RELEASE DATE:2013-01-12
LABEL:OLD SQL Recordings

01 Agrande – Soria Moria Castle (Original Mix)
02 Agrande – Pridrangar (Original Mix)
03 Agrande – The Frozen Sea (Original Mix)

Justin Berkovi - Mondrian Remixes

RELEASE DATE – 2013-02-11
LABEL – Trapez


01 – Justin Berkovi – Mondrian (Mark Reeve Remix)
02 – Justin Berkovi – City Lights (Harvey Mckay Remix)
03 – Justin Berkovi – Voices (Paride Saraceni Remix)
04 – Justin Berkovi – Mondrian (Mononoid Remix)
05 – Justin Berkovi – Voices (Roland M. Dill Pulmonic Remix)

Following the long player “Mondrian” in 2012 by Justin Berkovi on Trapez, which was supported by Richie Hawtin in the mix and several others DJs, we present now the remixes by some of our best artists on Trapez plus guest remixes. Starting with Mark Reeve, who has a great career ahead of him after recording with Traum and then with Trapez he released with Drumcode and Soma.His remix of “Mondrian” resembles what Mark is so good at taking true and classic elements of post Detroit Techno and fusing them with today’s modern sound design and taking it all to the level of a monstrous techno-tool anthem! Marks tracks never let you down… his grandeur of production quality and sound quality shows you why he is in so many DJ cases right now. Harvey McKay uses these irresistible “post Detroit” loops we love so much because they have levelled the ground for techno to enter the world of dance music. His raw industrial appeal is highlighted also in this remix of “City Lights” and feels like a meal that heats up your full body. Another piece of techno soul from the Scotsman. Paride Saraceni has the bassline roaring big time and despite all this massiveness his production stays gentle and warm sounding which makes it a real crowd-pleaser of a track! The central chord theme in his remix is a true spirit catcher you’ll happily surrender to .Mononoid from Traum liked the album so much that they have remixed “Mondrian” in their fashion, so this remix is definitely the most epic and melodic on this remix ep and for all fans of theirs another fine track you should be looking out for. A lot of people ask us, “whatever happened to Roland M. Dill”, so here comes the answer told in the language he knows best which is music. Roland here works a lot with repetitive pattern delays, a super tight percussion programming and a darkish landscape of sounds. His remix explores sounds quite a bit and when its over….you feel similar to an heavy impressive movie you have seen in the cinema when the lights go on.


Baphomet - The Collection (Album)


Baphomet – The Collection (Album) (Insomniafm Digital)

Label: Insomniafm Digital
Cat: IFMD027
Release: April, 2013
Style: Techno, Progressive House
Buy: Coming Soon


Baphomet – Desert Strom (Original Mix)
Baphomet – Desert Storm (Kai Randy Michel Remix)
Baphomet – Dive Into Water (Original Mix)
Baphomet – Dive Into Water (Jule Grasz Remix)
Baphomet – Down To Earth (Original Mix)
Baphomet – Down To Earth (Lee Hurren Remix)
Baphomet – Frozen World (Original Mix)
Baphomet – Frozen World (Raytek & Nick Wurzer Remix)
Baphomet – Highway To Hell (Original Mix)
Baphomet – Highway To Hell (Krämer & Niereich Remix)
Baphomet – Jungle Fever (Original Mix)
Baphomet – Jungle Fever (Franzis-D Remix)
Baphomet – Pharynx (Original Mix)
Baphomet – Pharynx (Fabio Jass Mix)

Florian Meindl - All WAVES Album Remixes (FLASH 065)

Various Artists – Waves Remixes

RELEASE DATE | 2013-02-11

01 – Florian Meindl – The Beginning (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
02 – Florian Meindl – What Is Techno (Shadow Dancer Remix)
03 – Florian Meindl – Good Times (Sasha Carassi Remix)
04 – Florian Meindl – Deeply Hooked (Oliver Schories Remix)
05 – Florian Meindl – Wishful Thinking (Tempelhof Remix)
06 – Florian Meindl – Pictures (Himan’s Frame Work Remix)
07 – Florian Meindl – What Is Techno (Martin Eyerer Remix)
08 – Florian Meindl – We Have Taken Control (Marco Dassi Dub Remix)
09 – Florian Meindl – Get Down (Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Remix)
10 – Florian Meindl – Pictures (Crimea X Remix)

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