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The third instalment of the infamous ‘Sudbeats’ collection lands with 31 tracks, offering a trip into the different landscapes of underground dance music.
From deep early night beats to melodic uplifting crowd bangers, to straight rhythms for the harder floors, many of these fantastic tracks have been tested by label boss Hernan Cattaneo during the last year, and some of them are highly awaited.
The digital release will include all tracks, however, the triple CD is made of 3 discs: disc 1 mixed by Lonya, disc 2 mixed by Graziano Raffa, while disc 3 features all of the mp3s (full length versions).
And so with this being the third of the series, you can see a strong symbology and as you will see with the artwork, a triangle teas centre stage, and its a triple CD with the red, blue and green Sudbeat colors shining all over the package. Three really is the magic number here.


01 – Alessandro Diga – Tete a tete (Original Mix)
02 – Aman Anand – Raikou (Original Mix)
03 – AudioStorm – Old Caffè (Original Mix)
04 – Beat2 – Sublime Memories (Original Mix)
05 – Ben Shaw – Above the Clouds (Original Mix)
06 – Cid Inc – Sensors (Original Mix)
07 – David Calo – From Somewhere (Original Mix)
08 – Eran Aviner & BP – Muze (Original Mix)
09 – Henrik Zuberstein – Morning Struggle (Original Mix)
10 – Hugo Ibarra & Antu Coimbra – Chaptel (Original Mix)
11 – Joan Retamero – Her Imagination and His Planet (Original Mix)
12 – Kosmas & dPen – Zona Roja (Original Mix)
13 – LOM – Shades (Original Mix)
14 – Lonya & Maydan – Fertile Lands (Original Mix)
15 – Lost in Venice – Get Lost (Original Mix)
16 – Manuel Sofia – Python (Original Mix)
17 – Marcelo Vasami – Panorama (Original Mix)
18 – Mariano Mellino & Maxi Degrassi – Ageworthy (Original Mix)
19 – Memo Insua – Trip Radio (Original Mix)
20 – Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic feat. Simos Tagias – Vega (Original Mix)
21 – Natural Flow feat. Deza – No Chance (Original Mix)
22 – Phonic Scoupe – Elysium Gate (Original Mix)
23 – Quivver – Pictures (Original Mix)
24 – Rick Pier O’Neil and Desaturate – No Alternatives (Original Mix)
25 – Rockin’ Beats – Calma (Original Mix)
26 – Some Little Things – Allegra (Original Mix)
27 – Steve Slight – Contact (Original Mix)
28 – Subandrio – Timecode (Original Mix)
29 – Tvardovsky – Phoenix (Original Mix)
30 – Warm hall – Transition (Original Mix)
31 – Wood Drift – Rainbow Slide (Original Mix)

Nick Warren_Edit

Nick Warren – Global Underground 035 (Lima Special Edition)

01.Paul Rogers – Lima Luna (Intro)
02.Nils Numberg – Seduction
03.Kruse & Numberg – An Why E
04.Jairus Miller – Botnet
05.Babak Shayan – One In A Million
06.Ormatie – Twisted Turns
07.Glide – Cassini
08.Victoria R – Beauty Goes Blind
09.Petersky – Kurs Zjazdowy
10.Michael Burns Pres.Panoptic – Surface
11.Yura Popov – Help
12.Stan Kolev – Soma Funk (Yvel & Tristan Remix)
13.Astrid Suryanto – Distant Bar (16 Bit Lolitas Mix)


01.Alex Dolby – Long Beach
02.Etiket – Revelation
03.Yvel & Tristan Feat.Chriss Of The Quasar – Panama
04.Bypass FX – I Am Trying
05.Richard Gale – Moloko Plus
06.Somnus Corporation – Expo 86
07.Thomas Sagstad – Castillian
08.Martin Brodin – Siberian Transit
09.The Steals Vs Grafiti – Sinner (Leama & James David `Grafiti` Mix)
10.Way Out West – Spaceman (Robert Babicz Remix)
11.Analog People In A Digital World – Before The Wind
12.Perc – Bosworth

Henry Saiz

Henry Saiz – Reality Is for Those
Who Are Not Strong Enough to Confront Their Dreams


01. Moonlight Wolf
02. Sleepwalk
03. Love Mythology
04. Of Muses & Slaves
05. Just An Illusion
06. Spiricom (See You Soon)
07. The Light
08. Through Golden Air
09. Death Drive
10. Rave Flute
11. Take Me Home
12. Fill Me Up (feat. Cornelia)
13. Afraid
14. Mirage
15. Natura Sonoris
16. Hymn To Nowhere
17. All The Evil Of This World

Nicole Moudaber - Believe LP [Drumcode]

Nicole Moudaber – Believe LP [Drumcode]

Following in the foot-steps of techno luminaries such as Alan Fitzpatrick, Ben Sims and Drumcode boss Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber is set to release her debut long player on one of electronic music’s most revered labels. Scheduled for release on 6th of May the confidently titled “Believe” sees Nicole at the top of her game, and is set to reaffirm her status as the “Queen of the Underground”.

In the same vein as her recently launched MOOD imprint, ‘Believe’ is suited to a number of atmospheres and settings. Across the nine original productions which comprise the album, Nicole has crafted a sonically diverse long-player of sounds which draw on the plethora of styles electronic music has to offer. From her accustomed techno to twisted house and everything in-between, the stylistic variety on offer means cuts ‘Believe’ will easily feature in more intimate settings and big-room venues alike.

‘Believe’ comprises a host of tracks aimed squarely at the clubs. From the moody ‘Movin On’, the bass-heavy “Do Your Thing”, to the industrial techno grooves on “Come And Lay” which features a distorted vocal from Nicole, to the hypnotic chanting vocal on “Get On It”, techno-aficionados will not be disappointed with what is sublime set of cuts that will no doubt destroy any dance-floor.

In contrast however, there are more intimate moments to be found. For example the rhythmically entrancing yet uplifting “Fly With You”, to “Liberum Spirita” with its mazy ethereal breakdown, and the synth-heavy percussive builder “Lumière Tamisée”. Nicole’s further flexes her production muscle with the stripped back dub-flavours of “Big Love With No Apology”, and a robotic groove-laden funk on the standout “Can I Get Some”.

“Believe” delivers a consummate body of work with which Nicole’s considerable abilities in the studio are clear for all to hear. A wide-range of sounds that is sure to appeal to the idiosyncratic tastes of the various sub-sections of electronic music community. Furthermore, it lives up to the high-standards of previous Drumcode long-players and is an engrossing and impressive debut; and one which offers a smooth segue into the next chapter of an already exciting career.


01 – Lumière Tamisée
02 – Movin’ On
03 – Take Hold (with Adam Beyer)
04 – Come And Lay
05 – Do Your Thing
06 – Fly With You
07 – Get On It
08 – Liberum Spirita
09 – Big Love With No Apology
10 – Can I Get Some

InnervisionsRadio 3Rd Anniversary (Day 13)

InnervisionsRadio 3Rd Anniversary (Day 13) 02-05-2013

01.Mike Griego – Download
02.Ricky Ryan – Download
03.Arturo Mercado – Download
04.Ozgur Ozkan – Download
05.Kevin Di Serna – Download
06.Erich Lh – Download
07.Suffused – Download
08.Dpen – Download
09.Nikko.Z – Download
10.Cid Inc – Download
11.Tini Tun – Download

Innervisionsradio 3rd Anniversary

Innervisionsradio 3rd Anniversary (Day 12) 01-05-2013

01.Mish’chief – Download
02.Chris Meehan – Download
03.J-Slyde – Download
04.Simon Murphy – Download
05.Pedro Leite – Download
06.Iga – Download
07.Agrande – Download
08.Venuzia B2b Franck Hat – Download
09.Sean Graham – Download
10.Dekolo – Download
11.Florin Curteza – Download
12.Michael Bernava – Download
13.Melanie Bernava – Download
14.The Pleasure Trap – Download
15.Chris domingo – Download
16.Numinous – Download
17.Seraphim – Download
18.Christopher James – Download
19.Alana Star – Download
20.Matty Hayes – Download
21.Leilam – Download
22.Ali N – Download
23.Emily – Download


SB037 | Sudbeats Compilation
Take a deep breath… you’re about to check the first Sudbeat compiled pack ever made.
The sound of this album is deep and warm, but punchy and dance floor friendly throughout, oozing quality and keeping it fresh from track to track, and with a selection of established artists and some fresh faces delivering the goods, this is hot!

Released by:Sudbeat Music
Release/catalogue number:SB037
Release date:06/05/2013

V.A - Creators & Machines Vol. 1

CREATORS & MACHINES Vol.1 is the latest compilation of MB Elektronics and this manifesto is obviously shared by Marco Bailey’s mind. In terms of variety of styles and pace, is all about Techno due to quality of each production.It is pretty much club orientated with most of the tracks having a solid beat behind them.From Marco Bailey to Tom Hades and from MiniCoolBoyz to Filterheadz, this Various Artists compilation features the diversity of MB Elektronics.

01.Marco Bailey & Redhead – Weird Game (Original Mix)
02.Simone Tavazzi – Blue Straggler (Original Mix)
03.MiniCoolBoyz – Red Eyes (Original Mix)
04.Tom Hades – Among Us (Original Mix)
05.Filterheadz – Slam It (Original Mix)
06.Johnny Kaos – You Are A Monster (Mattew Jay Remix)
07.Dany Rodriguez – Long Way (Original Mix)
08.Sutter Cane – Aurora (Original Mix)
09.Frankyeffe – Connected With My Soul (Original Mix)
10.Damir Hoffman – Dark Water (Original Mix)
11.Michele Pinna – Hot Like The Hell (Original Mix)
12.Dema – Autosave (Original Mix)

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