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Install KDE 4.8 in openSUSE

KDE 4.8 is out now, and most of the users(KDE fans) might love to give this new version a try(i am one of them). I have upgraded and proudly can say, i’m in love with KDE. This is amazing stuff from KDE, no doubt in that. Faster experience, Cool dolphin, snappier Gwenview and more interesting stuff. As i mentioned/ing in my posts/articles i am openSUSE user, so here i will show you how to upgrade to KDE 4.8 in openSUSE.

1st of all, you will need to add the following repos(YaST -> software repositories), and disable/delete other KDE repos you have enabled.

openSUSE 11.4:

openSUSE 12.1:

Easy and simple!

One more thing here, if you face dependency issues, i would suggest to follow this thread in openSUSE forums, read it carefully and i am pretty sure you will find all the solutions to your problem there.

SDB:Skype – openSUSE

This article is about getting the original skype software to work in openSUSE. There is no denial that Skype has managed to create a cross-platform program with superb sound quality and firewall traversal capabilities. However, please note that the skype software is not Free and Open Source.

SDB:Skype – openSUSE

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