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Soundexile – DJSET – Part 1 – 28-08-2014

Balance 026

Some seek a permanent state of hype, while others like Hernan Cattaneo find liberation in being freed from the shackles of such intense scrutiny. The Argentine’s refreshing approach to DJ’ing and making music has ensured that over a decade on from the time he exploded into the public consciousness, he’s as engrossing a force as ever. His contemporary sound continues his love of rich melody and atmospheric textures, but draws on possibly a wider palette of producers and styles than ever.
Cattaneo has constructed a truly incredible chapter of the Balance series, beautifully sequenced and mixed and packed full of stunning new material that can’t be heard anywhere else. Such attention to detail and quality should come as no surprise from one of the true masters of the game.

1. Boards of Canada – Aquarius (Version 3)
2. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile feat. Luciana – Solitude
3. Chaim – Blue Shadow (Slow Dance Mix)
4. Silinder – Pavement (Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue Slow Remix)
5. Mano Le Tough – Changing Days
6. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Rapideye
7. Derek Howell – Happy To Be Sad (Derek’s Happy Again Mix)
8. Mercurio feat. Catnapp – On My Way to Hell (Balance Mix)
9. The Field – No. No… (John Tejada mix)
10. Moderat – Clouded (Interlude)
11. Weval – Out of the Game
12. Mike Griego – Sponges
13. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Ginga
14. Spooky – Shelter (Slow Phase mix)
15. YEWS – Believe, Belong
16. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Lunar
17. Damabiah – Irminsul, le pilier du Monde (2014 Edit)
18. Gui Boratto – Half Life
19. Guy J – Dizzy Moments (AM Mix)

1. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Into The Edge
2. Roi Okev & Hakimonu – Changes
3. Chaim – Underwater
4. Ivory Street – Modjo (Andy Arias Interpretation)
5. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Parallax
6. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Fugazzi
7. Cid Inc – Fragile Circle
8. Khen – Sweet Break Up
9. We Need Cracks – Joran
10. Guy J – Esperanza (Santi Mossman Rework)
11. James Teej Feat. Richie Hennessey – Disclosure (Simon Vuarambon Remix)
12. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Patterns (Guy Mantzur’s 2014 Remix)
13. Guy J – Lonely Color
14. Hernan Cattaneo & Guy Mantzur – Imaginarium
15. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Lotus

Hernan Cattaneo - Live @ Monday Social, Sound Nightclub - 08-07-2014

Hernan Cattaneo – Live @ Monday Social, Sound Nightclub – 08-07-2014
Hernan Cattaneo will be performing for Monday Social again on August 25th, 2014, For More Info Go To

Sound Avenue 029

Sound Avenue 029 with Madloch (August 2014)

GetFrisky! Rosario

Pole Folder – live @ GetFrisky! Rosario – Destinations – August 2014


Tvardovsky - Stereo Paradise - January 2014

Tvardovsky – Stereo Paradise – August 2014

01.Erdi Irmak – This Time (Original Mix)
02.Audio Lab – Amnesia (Santiago Garcia Dark Side Remix)
03.Cristior – Crystals (Stas Drive Remix)
04.AudioStorm – Cosmic Interference (Ewan Rill Remix)
05.Kaban – The Future Is Here (Monojoke Remix)
06.David Granha – Catch Me (Pedro Aguiar Remix)
07.Luis Junior – Karma Calling (Original Mix)
08.Chicola – Ghost Train (Soulwerk Remix)
09.Erdi Irmak – You In Me (Tvardovsky Remix)
10.Tvardovsky – Warp (Original Mix)
11.Angga – Edge Of Desire (Original Mix)

Own Sets

Deanna Avra – Riley Warren – X – Chrome – Junk Mail – August 2014

01.Julian Rodriguez – Tequila Al Atardecer (Erich Von Kollar Haunted Beach Remix)
02.East Cafe – Fragile (Hector Sawiak Remix)
03.Lucas Rossi Ft Cory Friesenhan – Symbols & Stories
04.PAVLIN PETROV, Dio5 Rumor – Mirage of Hope (Hector Sawiak Remix)
05.Miki Litvak – Guadeloupe (Edit Select Remix)
06.Spektre – Thoughtcrime (Original Mix)
07.Adwer – Kolibri (Quivvers Q Code Mix)
08.Marc Faenger – Bamboe (Original Mix)
09.Adam Beyer – Dot (Original Mix)
10.John Shelvin, Astrid Suryanto – Inbetween (Chab Remix)

01.Charlie May – Midnight (Nhar Remix)
02.Riley Warren – Lumeria
03.In2Deep – On Rainy Days (Cosmic Cowboys Remix)
04.The xx – Tides (Pattern Drama Edit)
05.E.F.G. & Neptun 505 – Another Chapter
06.Gabriel Ananda – Tale Of The Oblivious Llama (Original Mix)
07.Riley Warren – Breath of Life
08.Flight Facilities – With You feat. Grovesnor (David August Remix)
09.Cosmic Cowboys – Zero Gravity Love (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix)
10.Agustin Basulto – Espejos Silenciados (Original Mix)
11.Sara Castro & Komi Mizrajim – Hecho en Berlin
12.Kevin Over – Jodye
13.Julian Dep – Uncertainly


Blusoul – Praveen Achary – Juicebox – August 2014

01.Eelke Kleijn – Onderhuids (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
02.Tom Middleton – Wyv Auw Chu (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
03.DAVI – The Bay 6 (Pt1) [Anjunadeep]
04.GMJ – Recoil (Dousk Remix) [Stripped Recordings]
05.Maceo Plex & Maars ft Florence Bird – Going Back (Dub) [Ellum Audio]
06.Stelios Vassiloudis, Sasse – Options & Futures (Phonogenic Remix) [Audiomatique]
07.Joel Mull – Tintins Journey (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
08.Tim Penner – Get Me High (Sonic Union Remix) [Konstrukt]
09.Marc Miroir – Eco Quest (Karotte Remix) [Paso Music]
10.Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep (Scuba Remix) [Universal]
11.Blusoul – Depth Of Emotion (Original Mix) [Juicebox Music]

12.Kobana – Glow [Proton Music]
13.Kieran J – Keep You Space (Original Mix) [Stripped Recordings]
14.Marc Poppcke – Antonym (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier Audio]
15.Blusoul – Depth of Emotion (Progress Inn Remix) [Juicebox Music]
16.Tim Penner – Strange (Chicola Remix) [Proton Music]
17.Oscar Vazquez – My Way (Original Mix) [Lowbit]
18.Roger Martinez – Altijd Hier En Nu [Gem Records]
19.Mike Griego – Detune Me [Sudbeat]
20.Chicola – Ghost Train (Soulwerk Remix) [Proton Music]
21.Cristior – Crystals (Stas Drive Remix) [microCastle]
22.Secret Cinema & Max D-Loved – Martina (Jamie Stevens Remix) [GEM]


AFK – Particles – 11-08-2014

01|Sasha – Coma (Charlie May Ambient Remix) [Emfire]
02|Christian Smith And John Selway – Mistral (Ambient Mix) [Bedrock]
03|Derek Howell – Stride (Peter Martin Remix) [Proton Music]
04|Guy J – Milestone (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]
05|Davi – False Awakenings (Original Mix) [Subtract Music]
06|Peter Gun & Terzi – Acapulco (Kasey Taylor Remix) [Iboga]
07|Martin Roth – Epic Waves (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
08|16 Bit Lolitas – Friendly Neighbour (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
09|Damabiah – Irminsul, Le Pilier Du Monde (Andrew Bayer Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
10|Barry Jamieson – Phaze Loop (Cid Inc. Remix) [Microcastle]
11|16 Bit Lolitas – Deep Space Girls (Davi Remix) [Bits And Pieces]
12|Ricky Ryan – Mess Monster (Barry Jamieson Remix) [Avangardia]
13|Cid Inc. – Blizzard (Cid Inc%u2019s Dailchi Unit1 Mix) [Microcastle]
14|Aeron Aether – Sparks (Original Mix) [Nueva Digital]
15|Dj Noor And Stefan Addo – Distances (Atrium Sun Dirty Breaks Mix) [Mistique Music]
16|Eelke Kleijn – Lone Ranger (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix) [Manual Music]
17|Ambassador – The Fade (Guy J Remix) [Lost & Found]
18|Kosmas Epsilon – Karelia (Original Mix) [System]
19|Franz Kirmann – Liza (Charlie May Atlantis Club Mix) [Microcastle]
20|C – Jay, Le Ron & Yves Eaux [Vapour]
21|Zack Roth – The Longest Haul (Robert Nickson%u2019s Rnx Remix) [Colorize (enhanced)]
22|Anthony Yarranton And Pete Mccarthey – Techastreisand (Pete Mccarthey Remix) [Movement]
23|Quivver – The Fog (Kassey Voorn Vintage Interpretation) [Visceral]
24|Cirez D – Teaser (Deadmau5 Remix Version 1) [Mouseville]
25|Sql & Child – Nootropica (Original Mix) [Outpost]
26|Jeremy Olander – Rorschach (Original Mix) [Cr2]
27|Shifter & Quivver – Pipe Control (Cid Inc. Remix) [Plastik Park]
28|Kenneth Thomas – Staircase Monster (Solarity Remix) [Nueva]
29|Protoculture – Topaz (Max Graham Remix) [Armada Music]
30|Oliver Smith – New Dawn (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
31|Pryda – Nile (Original Mix) [Pryda]
32|Guy J – Dizzy Moments (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]
33|Push – Strange World (Tranquilo%u2019s Underwater Kingdom Chillout Mix) [Bonzai Elemental]

Own Sets

Marc Poppcke – Favourites of the month – August 2014

01.Lusine – Eyes Give In [Ghostly International]
02.Hunter/Game – Ice [Innervisions]
03.Fabian Dikof – Bleary Faces (Vidis Tool) [Best Kept Secret]
04.Kosmas – While You Were Sleeping [Get Phyiscal]
05.Miss Malera – Faith (Einmusik Remix) [Einmusika]
06.Bruna – You’ve Been Light To Me (Marc Marzenit’s Back To Disco Remix) [Spa.RK]
07.Daniel Trim – O Day [Glasgow Underground]
08.Gunnar Stiller – Way More [Upon You]
09.Skena – Waiting In The Wings [Steyoyoke Black]
10.WHYT NOYZ – Jingles [Minus]
11.Nick Curly – Hiya Power [8Bit]
12.Santé – Momentary [Avotre]
13.Booka Shade – Love Drug (Kobana Remix)

Virgo II

Deanna Avra – Virgo II – August 2014

01.Teho, Van Did – Hope (Microtrauma Remix)
02.Sasha Carassi – Drop Of Soul (Original Mix)
03.Splatter, Coeter One – Sharon (Ixel Remix)
04.David Temessi – Awakening (Redhead Main Mix)
05.MUUI – Late (Original Mix)
06.Nils Mohn – Galaga (Ixel Remix)
07.Nicole Moudaber – I Know Where Ive Been (Original Mix)
08.Adam Beyer – People Understand (Original Mix)
09.Cari Lekebusch – Quetzalcoatl (Original Mix)
10.Sasha Carassi – Starchild (Original Mix)



01.DL Boom ‘Kinda Kickin’
02.Redshape ‘Dogz’
03.Jay Bliss, Mihai Popoviciu & Pagal ‘Multifaced’
04.Decius ‘Come To Me Villa’
05.Premiesku ‘More’
06.Robert Dietz & Tuccillo ‘Juice’ (Shonky edit)
07.David K ‘Drop The Beat’
08.XDB ‘Tonic’
09.Rio Padice ‘Deathfloor’
10.Ralph Lawson & Chez Damier ‘The Moment’
11.Troubled times ‘Bootshonk 2’
12.Andrade ‘Sweet Disposition’ (Terence:Terry: remix)
13.Cristi Cons ‘Anatrack’
14.Oskar Offermann ‘Test Of Time’
15.Alci ‘Kenji’
16.Jus Ed ‘If I Die Play This’

Hernan Cattaneo

Hernan Cattaneo @ the beach @ woodstock69 – 27-07-2014
Nice Cool Video From Woodstock

Matias Chilano_Edit

Matias Chilano – Loudness 021 – GWM

Sven Väth

Slam Radio 096 with Sven Vath – 07-08-2014

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