Sound Avenue

Sound Avenue with Madloch 013 (April 2013)

01.Shimmer – You’re The Shade (Omar Fayyad Remix) [Electronic Tree]
02.Terje Saether – Blinded (MUUI Paranoid Remix) [Crossfade Sounds]
03.CaMI – Long Way (D@bit Darkside Remix) [KP Recordings]
04.Tolga – Realistic Dreams (WayWork Remix) [Stripped Digital]
05.Vandermeer, Quintin Christian – Infatuation (James Teej Remix) [Lower East]
06.Lautaro Varela – Downing Street (Grazianno Raffa Remix) [3rd Avenue]
07.Arnim – Late Night (Vocal Edit) [Crossfade Sounds]
08.Blusoul – Omega [3rd Avenue]
09.Mike Griego – Asteroids (Cid Inc Remix) [Soundteller Rec]
10.Eze Ramirez – Glaslower [Crossfade Sounds]
11.Guy Mantzur, Sahar Z – Dreaming In 3D [Sudbeat]
12.Daniel Mehes – Shoya (Dani The Menace Remix) [Flow Vinyl]
13.Mehmet Akar – Roll The Dice (Sharkstar Remix) [Agara Music]
14.Antix & Tim Richards – Another Day (Fiord’s 2am Remix) [Perspectives]
15.Madloch & Beat Syndrome – Waiting Game (Facundo Mohrr Remix) [Sound Avenue]
16.Chable & Bonnici – Ride (Olivier Weiter & Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Pilot 6]
17.Arnim – Teufelswerk [Crossfade Sounds]
18.Pedro Aguiar – Watching You Leave [Balkan Connection]
19.Ben Summers – Mi Diosa (Praveen Achary Remix) [Stripped Recordings]
20.Guy Mantzur – Let It Rise [Sudbeat]
21.Fran Von Vie – I Can’t Get Enough [Sudbeat]
22.Fran Von Vie – Omega [DAR Digital]