Ali N - Sinking Senses March 2013 (InsomniaFm) 07-03-2013


Ali N – Sinking Senses March 2013 (InsomniaFm) 07-03-2013

Feel a mixture of dark happiness and deep sadness , glued to the spine like a cold sweat.
I should rejoice and cry at the same time, but forgot the foot of despair pressed heavily on the neck …
live without
die there in
I am wrong
I am a sinner

then you keep walking and let me swipe, drop by drop,
on the ground,
wherever you walk around..
I’ll seed for the pain that grow in the dark corners of our most hidden desires i cannot ever feed…


01. Coma – Wouldn’t Be Good If Was True (Bija Remix)
02. Owsey – Places We Never Went Together
03. Stumbleine – Cassette
04. Volor Flex – Faint Hope
05. Exist Strategy feat. Michael Langiewicz – When Your Words Ends
06. Volor Flex – Stop Me
07. Burial – Prayer
08. Nate Connelly – Without
09. Clubroot – Remember Me
10. This Will Destroy You – Black Dunes (Holy Other’s Woman In The Dunes Mix)
11. Stumbleine – Be Tru
12. Exist Strategy – Tomorrow will be better, I promise (Need a Name Remix)
13. Duunes feat. CoMa – Winter Hymnal
14. MONO – Follow The Map