Miss Shiva * Licht & Liebe


Miss Shiva * Licht & Liebe

ARTIST: Miss Shiva
REL. TITLE: Licht & Liebe 
REF: SAR 009
REF: REL. DATE: 22/02/2013
GENRE: Techno
Label: Shiva Audio Records

Miss Shiva is back with a New release! With strong rhythms and driving drums including all the remixes, Seduced the whole spectrum of the Electronic Music World from deep House to Techno and progressive tunes. Specially for the tone lovers will be a soul desire.
Listen and support this amazing release ! cheers

Written and Composed by Nathalie K.Bungardt / Published by Warner Chappell.

Remixes by: Mister flic / Frau Anke / Lox-D feat Chris Garcia / Franzis-D / Frank Kramer / Alex Mayer


01.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Original Club Mix
02.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Alex Mayer Remix
03.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Frank Kramer Remix
04.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Franzis-D Remix
05.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Frau Ankes_Gebrochenes Herz Remix
06.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Lox-D feat Chris Garcia Remix
07.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Modelay Remix
08.Miss Shiva Licht & Liebe Mister flics Opium Remix