Ali N "Sinking Senses" Insomniafm - January 2013


Ali N “Sinking Senses” Insomniafm – January 2013

Love is an enemy, nourishes me and then it feed me to bleed.
It fills me with unique huge emotions and then suddenly devoid me of any emotion …
Leaves me empty inside, wrapped in the darkness of my queries created as an instant rape never happened …
Not a face, not the memory of a scent, not a trace on the skin.
Only Complete Cancellation of myself to not be able to even find myself in my own eyes poured into the mirror.
It takes away the last vestige of dignity and makes me slaves of my deepest fears.
There massacres in, until the soul that remains is a shadow without a master.
Is my enemy, love.
And is my second skin , oh, me…

01- The red deluxe – The Thai Connection (Original Mix) [Gr8 Al Music]
02- Something In The Way – Coma (Original Mix) (-l-NI Isotope mix)
03- Feel Something Holy Other (Original Mix) [Tri Angle]
04- Fortune’s Fool – Hiatus e Shura (Clubroot Remix)
05- Unknown – Exist Strategy and Coma (Original Mix) 
06- The Beat My Heart Skips – Stumbleine (Original Mix) 
07- For You My Love – BoyChild (Original Mix) 
08- Dragonheart – Ryan Davis (Original Mix) [Traum]
09- The Sign – Volor Flex (Original Mix) 
10- Shell Of Light – Burial (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
11- Impouring – Holy Other (Original Mix) [Tri Angle]
12- Behind The Curtains – Milamdo (Original Mix) 
13- Will I Ever Be Missed ? – Halo & Say (Need A Name Remix)
14- Unseen – Matteo Monero (Original Mix) 
15- You Don t Know Me – Apparat (Original Mix) [Shitkatapult]