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Released by: Great Stuff 
Release/catalogue number: GSR156
Release date: Jun 29, 2012

This is a live set I made for Dour Festival in Belgium, which I will be playing at on the 12th of July. There’s a whole load of new stuff in this mix which hasn’t been released or included in any other mixes before, including the first preview of my Michael Nyman remixes, and my next EP on Bodzin’s Herzblut label. There’s some tracks in there which I can’t even announce yet, plus my remix of two of my favourite artists in the world, Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm! I hope you enjoy it….

1. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – A2 – Max Cooper Remix (Erased Tapes)
2. Microtrauma – Contrast – Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
3. To Be Announced 1
4. Dnyo – Aquatika – Max Cooper Remix (Microcastle)
5. Michael Nyman – Secrets, acusations and charges – Max Cooper Remix (Last Night On Earth)
6. Hugh Pascall – Absence March – Max Cooper Remix (DSCNCTD)
7. Agoria – Panta Rei – Max Cooper Remix (Infine)
8. To Be Announced 2
9. Cream Sound – Sonata – Max Cooper Remix (Festival Lounge)
10. Max Cooper – Ruptured (Herzblut)
11. Ither – Cloud Complex – Max Cooper Remix (TBC)
12. Phil Kieran – Church Organ Nightmare – Max Cooper Remix (PKR)
13. Max Cooper feat. Get People – Careless (Last Night On Earth)
14. Max Cooper & Jeet – Fisted (Herzblut)
15. To Be Announced 3

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‘Attention: Play it loud, do not handle with care!’

For best quality dowload mix @ 320 kbps

Pascal F.E.O.S. – Organic Protection
Hertz – By Myself
Eric Sneo – From The Deep
Surgeon – First
Michael Burkat – Nodding Heads
Asem Shama & Axel Bartsch – Drumfiles 1.0
Gayle San – Cross
Patrick Skoog – Broken
James Ruskin – Internal
The Advent – Inn Touch
Ben Long – Potential 2 (Umek Remix)
Hendrik B. – Hate The Work
Jay Denham – Quantized
Massimo – Kasuistik
Murat – Transpose Pt. 4
Mark EG, Chrissi & The Black Jackal – Serial Signal
Exium – Ethereal
Oscar Mulero – Hungry
Umek – Nodlocnost
DJ Tuttle – Flea
D.A.V.E. The Drummer – Hydraulix 19 b
Savinto – Female Plight
Damon Vallero – Spiked Dust
Chris McCormack – Crazy Legs Crane (Part 2)
Lars Klein – Fressmaschine
W.J. Henze – Red Book
Guy McAffer & Julian Sandell – London Repercussions (Deep)
Ade Fenton – Near Reality
Misstress Barbara – Endless Passion b2
Alex Calver – Warrior
Alex Bau & Sven Dedek – Intense
Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri – Code Breaker
Speedy J – Kreck
DDK – Solid Players b2
Henry Cullen – Tiny Feet
Chris Liebing & André Walter – Stigmata 3 a1
Vincent de Wit – Full Charge
Arkus P. – Low Odour Ink
Chris Liebing & André Walter – B1 And That’s The 2!!!
René Reiter – Pandorum (track is newer then 2003 put fit to well, to not play :p)
Ant & Guy McAffer – Raw 2 b
Lattenheim – Braincell-Error
Anthony Thomas – Killer
D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Pattrix – Hydraulix 15 b
Arkus P. – Amokfahrt Nach Polen (Mhonolog Remix)
Anjay – Everything Knowing
Winnebago Warriors – Trailer Trash (Chris Liberator & Geezer’s Trash The Trailer + Weigh It In Mix)
Fanon Flower – Endlich Funfzig (Fanon Flower Remix)
Robert Natus – Konnen Gehen
Switchblade – Clanking

Release date: Jun 29, 2012

01. Christopher Groove – Kettering (6am Brooklyn Mix)
02. Guti & Daniel Melingo – Busiki
03. Technasia – Heart Of Flesh [Cadenza]
04. Marco Bailey – Summer (Cuba Mix)
05. Steve Rachmad – Bling It Up
06. Reset Robot – Atelier
07. Carlo Lio – Keep Grooving [SCI+TEC]
08. Slam – The Pimp Convention [Paragraph]
09. Marco Bailey & Redhead – Beyond The Dust Path [MB Elektronics]
10. Doomwork – Independence
11. Eric Sneo – In Between
12. Marco Bailey & Dany Rodriguez – I See You There [Phobiq]

Released by: MB Elektronics 
Release/catalogue number: EFD081
Release date: Jun 28, 2012


Renaissance artist and Audio Therapy boss Dave Seaman teams up with Tel Aviv based producer Guy Mantzur on the latest smash from Sudbeat.

Seaman really needs no introduction. 20 years within the industry and a career that has taken in chart smashes and dancefloor anthems has seen him cement his position as one of the leading electronic artists and DJ’s, of all time. Mantzur has gained recent global success through his music for the dancfloor, TV and film. Resident of Tel-Aviv’s The Cat & The Dog club, Guy is also co-owner of the Munich based Plattenbank imprint.

“K9” sees the pair construct a brooding, atmospheric and epic electronic landscape that has already been a igniting their 2012 sets. Parquet boss Solee is drafted in on remix duty and delivers a trademark richly textured bass-heavy masterpiece. “K9”, a mans best friend!

Released by: Sudbeat Music 
Release/catalogue number: SB028
Release date: Jul 2, 2012

X-chrome * Tracklist

Mehmet Akar – Caspian Waves (Fran Von Vie Remix)
Rob Benninger – Evil Air (Oliver Lieb Remix)
Jon Gurd, Alan Fitzpartrick – Electric Love (Original)
Lars Wickinger – Say Yes To Another Excess (Original)
Digital Mess – Open The Box (Original)
Cari Lekebusch – Unite (Joseph Carpriati Remix)
The XX – Fantasy (Soundprocess Unofficial Deep Remix)
Agrande – Open Space (Original)
Massive Attack – Teardrop (Carlos Pashe Remix)

01. Red Sun Rising – Swords With Feather – Mistique Emotion
02. MagneticBrothers – Looking Into Her Eyes Like A Sky (Wilson & McLennan Remix) – Deep Blue Eyes
03. Kasey Taylor – Trapped (Chris Micali Remix) – Vapour Recordings
04. Deep Soul Duo – Distant Forces – Mistiquemusic
05. Sezer Uysal pres. Spennu – Feedback (Gai Barone Remix) – Green Mono Music Studio
06. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Night Colours (CJ Art’s GDOA 6am Remix)- Mistiquemusic
07. Carpathian Paths – Trembita (Original Mix) – Clinique Recordings
08. Lacandon & VeNeS – The Lodge of Sheitan (Rezo Remix) – OLD Sql
09. Frangellico – case 39
10. Fernando Olaya – Shining – Sonnet Speciale

01. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy vs Phunk Investigation – Disco Place [Miniaturesrec]
02. Phunk Investigation – We Are Humans [Miniaturesrec]
03. Filterheadz – Riders [MB Elektronics]
04. Mr. Bizz – Warp Tension [Deeperfect Records]
05. Axel Karakasis – Over [IAMT]
06. Stefano Noferini – Refusal [1605]
07. Sian & Mladen Tomic – Front Pocket [Octopus Recordings]
08. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – MX3 (Mollo & Microcheep Remix) [Capsula]
09. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – You Got The Beat [Selected Records]
10. Roger Martinez – Get Up [Tronic]
11. Pierre Deutchsmann – Fire Banging [Selected Records]
12. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – Carbon 12 [Selected Records]
13. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – Uva De Dios [IAMT]

Released by: IAMT 
Release/catalogue number: IAMTP011
Release date: Jun 15, 2012

Mixed by DiKomm:

01 Matin — Later (Original Mix) [Electronica]
02 Rodriguez Jr. — Bare (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]
03 Ilya Malyuev feat. Var Vara — Radio Towers (Ormatie Dub) [Festival Lounge Limited]
04 Asten — Borealis (Microtrauma Remix) [Festival Lounge Limited]
05 Nic Bax — Zeit (E-Spectro Remix) [Festival Lounge Limited]
06 Max Cooper — Micron (Original Mix) [Traum]

Mixed by Cream Sound:

01 Dapayk, Padberg — Sweet Nothings (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
02 Solee — Reflect (Oliver Schories Remix) [Parquet Recordings]
03 Nick Robson — Under Shelter (Klartraum Remix) [Lucidflow]
04 Ornette — Crazy (Nick’s Call The Cops Remix) [Get Physical Music]
05 Monaque — Introspecto (Original Mix) [Manual Music]
06 Borealis — Nightfall (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix) [Origami Sound]

Smashing tribal from Musabesni, excellent african feel to it, loving the sound of the drums!

More info and music join here:

Crossfrontier Audio Podcast 006, mixed by Marc Poppcke

Check out Marc Poppcke’s Summer Dress EP on Crossfrontier Audio, out now on Beatport:

Released by: Crossfrontier Audio 
Release/catalogue number: cfap006
Release date: Jun 21, 2012

01. Gessaffelstein – Control Movement
02. Spektre – Cyclik [Rhythm Converted]
03. Spektre – Turbine [Toolroom]
04. Spektre & Christian Cambas – Rebel Without a Cause [Incorrect]
05. Markantonio – The Gap (Roberto Capuano Remix) [Analytic Trail]
06. Axel Karakasis – Back Down (Original Mix) [Rhythm Converted]
07. Chris Hope & Andre Walter – Tattoo (Tom Laws Remix) [Packed]
08. Bodyscrub – Regular (Spektre’s Irregular Beast) [Driving Forces]
09. Len Faki – Death By House [Harthouse]
10. Mr Jones – Zoom 42.0
11. Hertz – Break an Entry [Respekt]

Released by: Phobiq 
Release/catalogue number: PHBQPD002
Release date: Jun 15, 2012

My set from ♫ INSOMNIAC FREAK ♫ 20 YEAR´s ♫ TECHNO ADDICTED ♫ birthday bash enjoy the dark hour and let your mind be free…..

big day of banging techno for danny´s birthday

thx for all people who enjoy the whole fucking show of all freakin bangerz hope we give you all what you need and made your day…..

Dark Techno Set´s

Released by: Freak Inc. Rec. 
Release date: Jun 15, 2012
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